Serious Sam - ice skating effect

With the default settings, running is set so fast it fks like I’m sliding on ice. Does anyone know what the settings are supposed to be?


  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 137
    edited December 3
    I haven't played this yet... I've installed a TPCast to my Vive and I'm waiting on a swivel mount and a longer power cable extension from Amazon (They are being super slow due to Holiday season..) so I can easily switch the Transmitter from pointed at my Room-scale space to my Omni. So I've just been playing Room-scale lately.
  • lipploglipplog Posts: 80
    How do you like the TPCast? How much was it?
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 137
    edited December 4
    It deffinatly isn't perfect, but it's awesome being wireless. It will make the Omni so much better too. I was always frustrated with the cable tangle on the Omni before. It cost $300 with free ship and no tax from The OpenTPCast upgrade really improved the tracking it had issues before the upgrade and the microphone doesn't work without it. The upgrade does cost $25 for the VirtualHere software that it uses to transmit usb data over wifi.
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 137
    Oh yeah and I did buy a new micro sd card for it because it shipped with a class 4. Class 10 upgrade speeds up its loading time. That cost around $10, so in total I've spend $335 so far.
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