I STILL dont have my omni even though I preordered it years ago. WHEN WILL IT SHIP?

I am order 1235 and still have yet to hear anything form anyone offering to ship the damned thing to me. No I don't want a refund, I want the thing I paid for despite the fact you decided afterwards to sell it for an arm and a leg. At this point to seems like virtuix wants to delay me until I ask for a refund so they can sell it for 5000 in china. Just ship my stuff already.


  • I feel you. I'm slowly losing all hope in ever receiving an omni.
  • Ive seen orders above mine being sent in these forums, looks like they arnt shipping in any type of order
  • Still nothing. This is getting ridiculous. They are selling them to high dollar customers. I've informed them that I'm willing to pay shipping. It's obvious at this point that they have no desire to actually make good on their preorders now that they've discovered they can sell it for much more.
  • I was SOOO wrong. I got my omni yesterday! They also sent a bunch of stuff I didn't order. I feel bad about being so upset on their forum now...
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