Let's compile and update for 2018

Hey all, I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Ragtagg, an Overwatch YouTuber but new-found Omni enthusiast. I need this machine in my life, and I've done nothing but trawl through post after post trying to find out what we can do with games. Having emailed back and forth with EVOL, there is an extensive list of potential titles that are available but need tested. I am going to be acquiring the vast majority of these, and will be posting my findings regularly. Before I can do that, we need to make some headway on what guides are currently available.

First of all, the legacy guides seem out of date to me, as VorpX is now in a different state to the description that the community manager detailed in the steps for Skyrim etc, so this now needs updated. There are certain commands in the Skyrim guide that don't seem to exist in my files as well. EVOL's excellent guide on how to make a LARGE amount of titles work has given me problems with things such as OpenVR emulator versions past 1.1 not seemingly working. Also, Steam VR no longer seems to detect the vive controllers using this method. It could be an issue at my end, but I tried everything start to finish 3 times over to be sure, leading me to think something has changed on Steam's end.

Finally, I've seen many mods out there for games that have been tweaked for VR such as Aliens: Isolation. Can we resurrect this dead forum by updating the guides and I'd be happy to post the successes (or failures) of titles as and when I get to them. With EVOL's permission, there is a large google doc file that can be linked to that we can keep in order together.

Oh. Also, I've lost nearly 10lbs since the Omni arrived a month ago. Little did I know I should have ordered a small harness....


  • Wish I had my system already so I could help you out XD What was your order number?
  • Bump. We Need This. I just got mine yesterday and most of the info on games is out of date.
  • MarkVMarkV Posts: 81
    I think they are creating a list on the discord link for OpenOmni
  • Neku92Neku92 Posts: 1
    I'm new to the forum as a user and not really use to taking part in the discussions, but I really want to help in the effort if I can. I read some of the posts on here about OpenOmni, is that still bring worked?

    After the eSports announcement, I'm all the more eager to find games to play on my Omni since we aren't included in the tourneys.
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