Building an Omni platform to make it Mobile

Anybody done anything like this yet?


  • Honestly, just put a carpet under it and slide the carpet? lol
  • gleamingsandsgleamingsands Posts: 306
    edited January 2018
    That might work for some, but I've always been more industrious than that. I was thinking about constructing a plywood platform from two 4' x 8' sections, cutting them in such a way that I can manage about 5x5 to fit the whole Omni on the platform, putting wheels underneath, reinforce the structure with 2x2, maybe even using four sections of plywood so as to have cross sectioning, eliminating bending as much as possible, and keeping it on that. My other idea was to use a bed frame and just cut a few pieces of plywood to fit that. Either one would work, though I would still need to cut the legs off of a bed frame and attach wheels to get it as low to the ground as possible. I want my Room-Scale back.

    Edit: I can actually completely eliminate bowing by placing wheels underneath the plywood as well as around the four corners. I think I've got a plan. Afterwards, I'll either sand and stain or buy some sections of green linen to basically carpet it with. Hell, I could just use a roll of this stuff:
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