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So I periodically ping Virtuix for an update on my unit. I emailed them in October, as some other backers with order numbers similar to mine had indicated they had been contacted to arrange for shipping, and got this response (I added the bold highlight):

On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 1:42 PM, wrote:

Our apologies for the confusion. The order number is not exactly representative of the delivery order, but everything is still okay with your order and you are still on the list to have it fulfilled in the next few months. It will take us some time as we do have people from further back who sporadically get in touch with us. If the wait has become too long, we are able to offer refunds via check or PayPal – just let us know.

Best regards,
The Virtuix Team

Not exactly what I was hoping to hear, but they made it sound like I was just a few months away, although they did seem to be pushing the refund option. 5 months went by with radio silence, so I pinged them again for another update.

Sent: Friday, March 23, 2018 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: Update on order ####

Good afternoon,
An additional five months have passed since your last communication indicating my Omni will be "fulfilled in the next few months". Please advise on when I can expect to have the product shipped to my home. Thank you.

Their response was pretty disappointing. I think it's pretty clear that they have no intention of honoring the backers and simply want to force a refund scenario. I get that it is probably a huge cost to them to ship a unit for the price backers paid, as they can sell the same unit to their wholesale customers for much more, but they never would have been able to sell to the wholesale market if not for the money that filled their corporate bankrolls from the early backers/pre-orders. This is what they said:
Mar 26 (7 days ago)

We apologize for the continued delays. We are currently shipping orders from 2013 & 2014 as well as to Kickstarter backers who continue to reply to our initial shipping email. Unfortunately, that means it could be a long time before we reach your order in the shipping queue and we’re hesitant to give further estimates as we have not been able to meet those estimates in the past. We apologize greatly for this. You can continue waiting, or receive a refund if you would like.

Again, we sincerely apologize for this situation.

Best regards,
The Virtuix Team

I was wondering why these forums were so quiet and why there are hardly any "hey, check out my new Omni" posts, and now it's clear why. Practically no one is receiving their units. It's pretty obvious that the strategy here is for them to simply wait out the retail consumers until they eventually just ask for a refund and doubt that anyone who wasn't a super early backer will ever see their Omni. It's a pretty scummy move, which is really disappointing, especially considering how engaged with this community their staff was back before they transitioned to the Asian arcade market.

I don't believe that they never check these forums, but even if they do, playing ignorance to your responsibilities does not free you from them. You should do the right thing and honor your commitments. My next step will be to submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I will post the link here once I do for others to follow suit if they're still interested in receiving the product that they paid for up front.


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    I'm in a similar situation. The Virtuix people I talked to refused to give me a time estimate, possibly to avoid being called out like this.

    I first contacted them In June of last year, having made my pre-order in July 2016.

    Hi Timothy,

    Thank you for contacting us. While shipments have been going out, our current shipping volumes have not been consistent enough for us to predict when backers and pre-order customers will get their Omni’s. We apologize for this and will work towards a schedule when production and shipping become more consistent.

    Best regards,
    The Virtuix Team

    I alternated emails in between and to see if I would get different answers. My next ping went out 5 months later.
    Hi Timothy,

    Apologies for the continued delays. Unfortunately, we do not know when we will reach your order's place in the shipping queue. Shipping volumes are not consistent enough for us to predict when pre-order customers will get their Omni’s.

    We understand the wait has been very long and we can cancel your order if you prefer. Just let us know and we can process the request.

    Best regards,

    Kelly did drop a useful detail in a later email from, January 2018.

    Hi Timothy,

    Thank you for contacting us. We have finished reaching out to all our Kickstarter backers regarding shipping, and so we are addressing our pre-order customers now. However, we have a constant stream of backers getting back to us, so it is difficult to predict how long it will take to reach a specific order in the queue.

    Best regards,

    In March, I pinged info@virtuix again:

    Hi Timothy,

    Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the confusion regarding the order status. Processing means we’ve received payment for your order and when we reach your order in the shipping queue we will contact you to begin the shipping process.

    Unfortunately, it may be many months before we reach your order in the shipping queue. We are currently shipping orders from 2013 & 2014 as well as to Kickstarter backers who continue to reply to our initial shipping email.

    We apologize for the long wait and understand if you cannot wait any longer. Let us know at any time before your order ships if you'd like a refund.

    Best regards,
    The Virtuix Team

    The bolded statements do not quite line up. If all the kickstarter backers have been addressed, how are they *still* being processed 2 months after shipping notices went out? All I can do is guess based on the old newsletters.

    They reportedly started production in July 2016 ( ). By November 2016, the pilot run was finished and the first KS backer had received their omni ( ). If I assume the virtuix team is being honest, they produced "Over 900" omnis as of February 2017 ( ), and the last reported backer serviced was #1139 in March 2017 ( ). From that, I guessed they were shipping 200-300 units a month.

    More recently, they reported shipping "Over 2000" Omnis in 2017 ( ), but did not specify if they were shipped to commercial buyers or KS backers. That's lower than I would have expected based on my initial estimate, especially if production was meant to ramp up over time. As of March, they report shipping "more than 2,500" omnis globally ( ).

    I'm not sure what to make of it all. Superficially, it *looks* like omni units are being made and shipped at a steady pace, but.... there were around 10,000 Omni backers and pre-orders as of the time the web store closed, and there's hardly any noise from any of them - no consumer reviews, unboxing videos, or much talk at all outside of this forum. I don't know how many people decided to take the refund, but I'd be surprised if it was more than 1/3 of all backers and pre-orders. I would guess that most people who supported this product are people like myself - enthusiasts with enough disposal income to spend thousands of dollars on VR games and equipment. Such people don't balk at cost, although they might quit out of impatience.

    I'm ok with waiting a while longer, but at the end of the day I want one of two things: a working Virtuix Omni, or an official statement from Virtuix announcing that they cannot or will not deliver all the consumer Omnis paired with a *proactive* effort to get refunds to everyone.
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    Does anyone know if the refund offer is for the original amount, or the original amount plus 10% interest like it was for some orders?
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    they told me its the original and 3% interest. i told them to blow. i will hold out or wait for the class action lawsuit. there is bound to be one with the way they are handling things.
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    I would not bank on a lawsuit. If there were one, customers would get pennies on the dollar in compensation.
    I did go ahead and pull the trigger on the refund. You are right, I misrembered and it's 3% interested compounded monthly (so like 3.05% effective over 2 years)
    Hopefully, I'll see that check soon.
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    I just got a check from Virtuix. They no longer honor the interest - they only refund what you loaned them years ago.
  • I got mine yesterday. I thought they were just trying to get me to refund it too but I finally got mine. Just stay on top of it and you'll get one eventually.
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    I already have one - bought second hand.
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    I got mine yesterday. I thought they were just trying to get me to refund it too but I finally got mine. Just stay on top of it and you'll get one eventually.

    What date did you place your order on? I ordered in January 2015 and nothing so far.
  • I ordered in September 2013 and still have received nothing... They just keep saying "a couple of months" so I feel like that response about sending out orders from 2013-2014 is also BS.
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