I have given up on omnidirectional treadmills after my experiences with Virtuix and KATVR, but I haven't entirely given up the idea of free locomotion in VR. And there's one other product coming soon to market which might be worth watching:

Cybershoes solves the problem of "how do you walk in VR without falling over or walking into a wall" by sitting you in a rotating chair and using rolling shoes on an antistatic carpet. It looks silly, but it's much cheaper than any ODT, and doesn't confine you as much.


  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    I tried these at Gamescom. I prefer the Omni, but these aren't bad. The speed was way off in Doom VR, so maybe it would have been better in a game with properly optimised speed.
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  • NagorakNagorak Posts: 6
    Sitting in a chair and kicking your feet doesn't really sound that great to me. For whatever flaws there are with omni directional treadmills, that's even less accurate to walking in real life.
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