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Hi, first of all, congratulations for the upcoming Kickstarter, can't wait for it! I have seen that you have used Oculus Rift + Virtuix Omni + Razer Hydra + Half Life 2 VR in your video, my question is: how are you going to manage the Razer Hydra? You need the Hydra base to rotate with you, so it should be somehow attached to your body. Otherwise, you won't be able to use the Hydra to aim with the Half Life 2 VR mod.



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    Hi there, good observation. The Hydra base is actually stationary on the table; it does not need to rotate with your body. All depends on how the Hydra input signals are used to steer the game.
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    I don't understand. I'm already using the Half Life 2 VR mod with my Oculus Rift. If I turn around and leave the Hydra base behind me, I can't keep aiming using the right Hydra controller, because the Hydra base represents my body, and the gun position is relative to it. So, are you using a different VR mod modified for the Omni that allows you to keep aiming no matter the base position? I'm not talking about using the Hydra to turn around, but to 1:1 aim moving your arm.

    Thanks again!
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    I personally think it would be feasible to utilize the hyrdra for rotation purposes, and simply mount it to a helmet like the creators of project holodeck have already proved.

    The setup below appears much more complicated due to the addition of the Sony Move controller.


    Additionally what would stop a user from utilizing a gaming laptop in a backpack to stop the cords from tangling?
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    @ LordJuanlo: we indeed worked with Nathan Andrews (creator of the Mod) to make it work in a 360 degrees environment with the Omni. The standard mod does not allow to do so.
  • Thank you very much for your answer Jan, that's exactly what I wanted to hear!
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    since i got an omni on order, would it be possible to get this software available , so i can also purchase an hydra ?
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    Hi @nosys70, welcome to the forum! Do you mean the special Half LIfe 2 VR mod? BTW a better version of the Hydra, called STEM, is due to come out around the same time as the Omni, so it would be better to get that instead IMO. I would imagine that a different mod would be made to take advantage of its improved functionality.
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    I am quite impressed with the way technology and price point appear to be going with Oculus and Omni peripherals. I recently viewed a video discussing issues with decoupling of head and body motion control and whilst it has probably been considered, it would appear that having radial wires in the base on the Omni platform and a magnetized ball in the shoe, both walking direction and speed could be tracked as the individual wires would 'see' a variable current as the ball passed over it. There are other enhancement that could be made by add circumferential wire loops to base that could be used to improve positional tracking but this may over complicate the build. Whilst it is highly likely that such design consideration have made I would be interested in any feed back.
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    Finally, I bet on prioVR full version), since YEI seems already to be a preffered source for a lot of developpers (mainly because price). Does some knows if there is an easy way to interface a full body with a game.
    Seems prioVR has a video with a guy killing zombies.
  • @nosys70‌ While there isn't a full body design tool just yet. I believe we will be seeing one soon. There are plugins for Unity, such as Final IK, which will help.

    This is indeed an area that many are looking into to create better presence within VR
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