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  • ayatesayates Posts: 2
    Yes we definitely need a better shoe solution. I'm looking to buy a few Omni devices but if I need to buy multiple shoes of each shoe size, just in case everyone needs the same shoe size, then the $$$ cost will soon add up. So I think I will have to either hold off on this idea until there is a solution or see if I can make my own solution once I get a pair of the shoes and see how it works.

    There are a few adjustable shoes on the market so I'm sure a solution can be found.

    One I found looks like a real good possible design and even has mounting points on the bottom.
    The tab sticking out of the front of the shoe that is used to adjust the size might be an issue though.
  • RaoulRaoul Posts: 125
    The ideas are great but I think the reality of having anything that compromises ankle support, or adds extra bulk/weight to your foot will really degrade the experience.

    Any activity that requires you to run and keep your balance uses specialized footwear. I'm afraid that running on the Omni will not be any different.
  • I don't want to have buy shoes all the time, can the shoes have a slider that retracts the front sections of the shoes so that the shoe can compensate for many sizes?
  • RaoulRaoul Posts: 125
    Sliders in the shoe would only work if it's made out of, or covered with a soft material. Running on any type of metal or hard plastic would get painful. This might get tricky to do without turning the shoes into something the size of moon boots.
  • jgwinnerjgwinner Posts: 39
    Lazarus wrote:
    ... Some of the alternatives proposed here have been really interesting. I particularly like jgwinner's cycling shoes idea - It would allow everyone to get exactly the fit they need and also allow multiple users to use the same control attachment. It's the nearest to a good universal solution I've seen proposed. I just can't fathom why Jan/Virtuix wants to get into the shoe business... :?

    Exactly - here's a link: that shows you what the plate looks like.

    Although when browsing REI, it looks like cycle shoes aren't cheap. So, that makes you think making shoes with attachment points on the bottom may not be that easy, or these shoes would be! (cheap).

    == John ==
  • TrabbiTrabbi Posts: 19
    Maybe its a bit too late for this question now, but will the price of the shoes (and the belt/rack) also be higher after the kickstarter?

    I don't wanna get addtional shoes and belts already, but I also don't wanna pay more if i wait for the pre order after the kickstarter :/
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    No Trabbi, they won't be higher. Only the price of the Omni goes up after Kickstarter.

    It's never too late for questions :lol:

    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • TrabbiTrabbi Posts: 19
    Thank you for the fast answer :D


    I also just managed to get the OMNI EARLY BIRD. I missed it on the first day because I was stupid enough to think a few hours if I want an omni :D

    congratulations to the kickstarter campaign by the way. 2014 will be the year of VR!
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    No problem Trabbi. That's good!

    Nice pic - Btw there's a congrats thread now, if you put it in there Jan will see it later. No need to wait until KS finishes (it's a little empty right now, haha).

    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • NighteyesNighteyes Posts: 29
    I'm really hoping for a good alternative solution to the current shoe system. It'll definitely be more comfortable to be able to be on the Omni with the shoes you're used to walking around in every day.
  • SuprM4nSuprM4n Posts: 81
    Nighteyes, I don't imagine that it will be something that you'd be used to by any means. With a clip on, imagine wearing your shoes, with a sandal underneath on a very slippery surface. xD

    So, I think either way it will take some getting used to, it's just a matter of cost for the users.
    Props go to Plixity for the sig.
  • NighteyesNighteyes Posts: 29
    Walking on a slippery surface will no doubt take some getting used to, but I was talking about comfortableness. heh
  • Dj.MikeDj.Mike Posts: 1
    As a general question, would the team consider redesigning the shoes to become adjustable? It would be a nice idea considering you would have to purchase a whole new pair of shoes to have a friend or family member use the Omni, or if your feet get too big.
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