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nicole01nicole01 Posts: 2
So I am looking for VR options for exercise that do not involve a bike. I’m just a lowly consumer. Does anyone know of other options since Omni seems to not cater to the likes of me?

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  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 194
    Box vr is a serious workout..
  • nicole01nicole01 Posts: 2
    I was hoping for some walking/exploring of interesting realms and terrain... and as you can tell, I'm completely new to VR. Anything like that I can look into?
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 194
    I'd suggest buying an Omni secondhand but if that's out of your budget. This is the best option I can suggest.. OpenVR-WalkInPlace Just don't expect too much here this is not going to provide the same experience as the Omni by any means.
  • I walk and jog on a treadmill for around 1-2 hours. I normally go into a program called Virtual Desktop and load a movie and watch while jogging. For an interesting effect, you can listen to music by loading youtube and watching guitar hero or rocksmith videos at full screen. The moving guitar fretboard mimics the treadmill and is immersive.
    Been doing this since the Rift launched in early 2016.
    Obviously you have to hold onto the handrails since you cant exactly sense your position on the treadmill. I figured I'd do this to train my legs for multi-hour Fallout or SKyrim sessions in VR on the Omni, but then the Omni never came out in quantity so I'm still on the treadmill.
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