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says its UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE. must be nice


  • semicasualsemicasual Posts: 11
    It sounds great on paper, but I'd like to know more about how it works in practice. If you scroll down a bit, it says the KAT Walk Mini relies on an "open SDK" to enable developers to integrate the KAT Walk into their games. If I understand the situation correctly, that's more or less what the Virtuix Omni does now ( ).

    I'm concerned that the KAT Walk Mini will end up being like the Omni, but cheaper - an expensive peripheral that you need to put in a lot of extra work in order to integrate with most games, since they do not support the KAT Walk natively and KAT VR doesn't distribute an easy-to-use emulator with its hardware.

    Plus, I've been looking all over for reviews of the original KAT Walk, and I haven't been able to find much. KAT VR's flagship project appears to have been shown off around trade shows, but I can't find a reference to anyone who actually *owns* one. At one point, I asked about buying one for myself, and it cost about $9,499.00 - which easily prices out most consumers.

    At $1500-$3000, the Mini is a lot more affordable. But that's still a lot of money to ask for something I'm not sure will even work, because there are no consumer reviews and not enough information about how well *any* KAT VR product integrates with existing VR games.

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