Thoughts on the new Overshoes ?

flamaestflamaest Posts: 108
Thoughts on the new Overshoes:

I got my original Omni shoes in size 12, but they are too big, and I actually wear a size 12 shoes. If I put on a couple of extra pairs of socks, I am good, but wishing I did not have to do that.


  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 474
    Have to test them first to be able to compare them against the Omni shoes. They should make the experience better, though. The Omni shoes lack a lot of support vs. normal shoes and my feet start to feel sore at around the 1 hour mark. The overshoes does not seem to have those hard plastic thing on the bottom like the Omni shoes, however. Interesting to see how that affect performance.
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