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Many game incorporate a prone function in their games, by how does the Omni work with prone like in Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty?


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    You obviously can't lay flat on the Virtuix with the harness on. You'd have to think of another action to emulate that position. Time will tell what kind of "tricks" people can think of.
  • I'm guessing that even walking while the character is prone would still give somewhat of a prone feeling, I'm thinking how can you go prone in the game? Maybe press a button or crouch far enough so that the the Omni thinks you want your character to go prone. Prone in shooters is a big feature...
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    Although actually going prone with the Omni waist support is impossible. Depending on the exact technology used to detect leaning in the final product you should theoretically be able to trigger going prone by leaning far enough. So leaning 20 degrees could make you crouch, while leaning 30 degrees goes prone. Worst case scenario it could simply be mapped to a button.

    If you are using an overhead support going prone could definitely be a possibility. Although the Omni probably won't be the most comfortable thing to lie in due to the ridges.

    But playing a shooter I could definitely see myself on my knees in the middle of the Omni, ducking and popping up like i'm in a foxhole. Soft knee pads should be enough to do that comfortably.

    If you have the space you could even setup a small platform with a mat around the Omni for your upper body, while you legs lie on the Omni base. You would kind of be crawling up onto it, like a sniper crawls up to a ridge. But I suspect this might be too much for most people's home's.

    The spot I got reserved for the Omni is 2.2 x 2.2 m so I might try something like this at some point.
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    Raoul is correct. With an overhead support you can go prone, but you can't have both your elbows and your feet outside of the Omni (unless you go into the plank position). Knee-pads for kneeling in the middle, definitely.
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