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First, let me say that I am very excited about this product. I just wish I had heard about it before the Kickstarter ended. I'm hoping that this and the Oculus Rift will be two game-changing (pun DEFINITELY intended) products.

My question is this: when will the pre-order system open up? A gentleman on the forum had been dropped as a backer and it was suggested that the pre-orders would be open last week. I'm just looking for a little guidance.



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    Hi Sarepean, the thought of combining the Rift with Omni to experience a back-catalog of games in VR is indeed an exciting one!

    An update will go out as soon as the pre-order system is ready, if not before. In the meantime I will drop Jan a line and see if he has a particular day in mind. He's been showcasing at Quakecon which may account for the slight delay.

    Thanks for your question!
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    We are looking to launch our pre-orders this week, so stay tuned.

  • im also waiting for it!:)
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    So the pre-order system appears to be live on the website. I've cheekily announced it on Facebook ;)
    Can anyone confirm that it works? Thanks.

    Edit: The update has gone out, and I see there is a $50 discount code. Enter VR50 at checkout, runs until August 13th. If you already placed the order before the update went out contact the team <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->
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    Was wondering if it would be possible to place an order through the website and combine this with the Kickstarter order?

    When the Kickstarter closed I was only able to afford one extra pair of shoes, but I would like to order some more. Is it possible to place an order for shoes on the website and have this delivered with the Omni, possibly saving on shipping cost?
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    @Raoul: I'm not sure. You can certainly order shoes separately from the shop. However on the FAQ it says 'Additional shoes, belts and rack will increase the shipping costs.'
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  • Sounds cool! Sorry for newbie question, what is different between Pledge (Kickstarter) and Pre-order? Thanks.
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    Hi classic_leon. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website where people can donate money to help a project, or they can select rewards in return (including the finished item). Each project has a certain target amount (it was $150K for the Omni) and if it does not accrue at least that sum in pledges within the set time, none of the funds are taken and the project fails. Now that Virtuix has enough money to start production it can offer the Omni here on it's own website, and people who pre-order know they will get it. Benefits for helping during the crowd-funding phase may include discounts for early adopters, priority delivery, or the chance to obtain exclusive merchandise. If you backed on Kickstarter and selected a tier that included the Omni as a reward, there's no need for you to pre-order. Thanks for the question!
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  • Yeah cool again. Looking forward to receive my Omni of the Tier selected. :lol:
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    I was wondering if its possible to cancell the preorder? I just noticed that the estimated postage is like 250$. Thatøt plus the 20% tax to get this in Norway is gonna be really pricy!
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