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Now that the kickstarter is a great succes by Jan and his great team, we need to contribute, to bring the succes of the Omni more to the audience.. .
If i check the forums in my country i see that in the most popular forums, there still isn't anything said about the Omni, so i'm getting more active in that and hope u guys will take the effort to do the same in your country.
I think its also important to make an interesting topic title. If we make a topic title like 'Virtuix Omni,Oculus Rift,Sixense evolving' people will not feel the need to check that, because some people havn't heard about the Omni or Oculus and thinks its something silly.. . A total cost and Virtual Reality in the topic would be a nice idea.
The more people we reach the better it is for us and for Jan and his team.
The use of popular forums is underestimated and we need to put the Omni more in the light of forums.
It's the least we can do.

So.. Spread the words guys ;-)!!


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    Thanks for your support Jochends!

    You're right, talking about the Omni on forums is a great way of spreading awareness. I started one such thread and it's had more views and responses than any other on that site! People are really interested to hear how the Omni can make their favourite games more fun and immersive.
    There are many other ways too - liking and sharing posts on the Omni's Facebook page, sending tweets or writing a blog about virtual reality.
    A lot of people aren't aware of the Rift or Omni because they don't follow Kickstarter, so anything backers can do to get attention is very much appreciated!

    Kind regards, Ben.
    Community Manager at Virtuix
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    Thank you indeed Jochends. I do wonder if/when Jan will decide to have tv commercials for the Omni. Perhaps a Superbowl ad might do the trick. xD
    Props go to Plixity for the sig.
  • I've only recently been made aware of the product through a link on GameSpot. I frequent some forums here and there but recently have spent most time on the Activision's CoD Zombie forum. I mentioned it on there and put a video link to the BO2 gameplay but I feel that gameplay along with most videos on your guys site doesn't do the product justice.

    I think if you guys did a video of a few rounds of 2 or more people playing it on BO2 Zombies, it would really show what its capable of. Shooting lots of targets, quickly moving around a 3D map with things chasing you while looking and moving around 360 degrees to cover yourself, seeing another friend moving around just as good as if they were using a controller. These are things said about the product but I feel the videos have been lacking these things. They mostly have been more focused on just moving around, which is good, but makes it seem like when you use it you have to focus on the moving rather than actually playing the game.

    The Left for Dead video kind of shows this off, but the gameplay doesn't run as smooth as CoD and it also lacks the chasing aspect CoD zombies has. L4D is a trigger based game while CoD just has zombies coming at you no matter what from all sides, breaking through windows and digging up through the ground. This claustrophobic horror feeling would play great on the Rift and Omni since they put you in the world.

    Just my two cents. And you probably already thought of this, but you guys should also start a Jared type campaign where you start to show someone getting healthier and losing weight just from using this. Grab a slightly overweight gamer and start taking photos now so when this thing is ready you can use that to your advantage.

    Looking forward to seeing this go public and I'll keep trying to spread the word.
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