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Hi, i'm currently doing, as it suggest in the title, an Extended Project, and i'm doing it on how close are we to virtual reality gaming and if it will be commercially available in 2014, so i was wondering if i could have an interview with one of the designers and/or creators, that would be lovely, thank you in advance :)


  • labeqlabeq Posts: 3
    If an interview with a designer or creator is too much, a moderator or admin of the forums, will sure to be able to answer some of my questions, hope to get a reply soon
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    Hi, welcome to the forum labeq. Sorry no one has got back to you yet. I've flagged this for the team but if they're busy I can help you out.

    Kind regards,

    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • @labeq - feel free to send me a PM. I'll be happy to chat with you about my perception of both the VR market and technology.
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