video configuration

how did you configure the gun to work like it dose it you videos


  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Hi @lime2020, welcome to the forum! I haven't configured the gun myself, but if I remember rightly the software used is Xpadder. Older versions of it are still free.
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  • lime2020lime2020 Posts: 3
    I figured as much , but how did you use it as a pointing device were as you aim up and the avatar looks up
  • Hello @lime2020‌ - in these cases, the gun does not provide aiming functionality. Currently, aiming is tied to the head mounted device (Rift). In the future, we do intend on enabling separate aiming of the weapon using products such as the Sixense STEM.
  • lime2020lime2020 Posts: 3
    ok thank you for the answer
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