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Really excited to be part of the Kickstarter and congrats to everyone at Virtuix. I had a question about cord management and if there where any methods you currently use to keep your hmd and possible controller cords (hydra in particular) from curling around you as you run. Let say you turn 360 degrees a few times in one direction, as of now wouldn't the cords wrap around the user? Are there thoughts possibly of suspending them down from above? Thanks again for such an exciting project and I look forward to the future!


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    Hi Bern
    Jan did comment on cord management before now and said that it wasnt a real problem as your aware that spinning multiple times you will get in a tangle but just dont do it.
    I think omni users will have to adopt there own preferred way to tackle this , going completely wireless is obviously the way but untill thats possible , yeah suspending them down from above seems like a sure way to manage them.
    Hopefully we can learn the best way from the community using it .
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    Thanks for the quick response! I'm probably going to use a retractable keychain to clamp the Oculus cord from the ceiling when using it. Something like this: ( ... 3f1f1e5767).
    Still will just need to make sure the cord doesn't wind up to much and is long enough. The one above might be still to short. Could also try a retractable dog leash. Really looking forward to it, Thanks again!
  • rickardo69rickardo69 Posts: 20
    Thats really quite a simple and cost effective method to try which will probable work real well.
    Might try one of these myself bern
  • BernBern Posts: 4
    Great, would love to see it if you do!
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    the cheapest way would to buy a 5 meter thin HDMI cord.
    But dont hang yourself up. :lol:
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