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VR enthusiasts - when you are traversing a virtual environment, what do you expect to see when you "look down" with a VR HMD? If you are playing a humanoid character, do you expect to see your feet? Your hands? Your torso? Would you expect your body parts to perfectly match your real-life actions? Would you expect your VR body to look like your actual body (ie. color, size, shape)? If you are playing a non-humanoid character, would it break your immersion to see a squid-monster with a hundred legs where your body should be? What about a fish/mermaid with no legs? Would it be weird to play on the Omni as a sea creature with fins and your steps translate to tail-swishes to swim you along? And what about a 3rd person game like Lucky's Tale - if the character you are controlling is not you, how do you feel about that "out of body" experience?

This topic is not about technology or capabilities, it is about how the experience affects you and what experience you would expect to have, whether it is possible or not. Go crazy folks, imagine the unimaginable is suddenly possible!


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    Although seeing your body mapped as closely to real life as possible does add to the immediate sense of presence. Crashland is the only game I played so far that got this right, and for me it is the most immersive demo so far. But seeing your virtual body as something other than real life can quickly be convincing as long as the software engages you in a meaningful way.

    The best example of this I have experienced is playing Dumpy where you play as an elephant. The more you get engrossed in the game the more your trunk starts to feel like it has momentum and mentally it almost becomes an extension of your body. To me it feels very similar to something like driving where you start to feel the car as an extension of yourself.

    As long as you have proper representation of your physical inputs to the game, in VR you can inhabit almost any form. Even when you don't have a visible body in the game it can still feel right. For example the Hydra Cover shooter where you are holding a gun without a body. It just feels like you're the invisible man and the enemies are shooting at the gun they see floating mid air.

    To me the 'shortcomings' of many of the current demo's that track your input with the Hydra, but do not support a digital body with inverse kinematics can be used for gameplay purposes. Imagine a game where you are playing as a ghost interacting with the environment and npc's but you are invisible. Or maybe someone can finally make something cool out of the Hollow Man franchise. :smiley:
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    Agree 100% with @Raoul here. Even if you're an octopus, if you look down and see that two of your limbs are mapped to tracking of your feet, I think it'll be okay. Will be interesting to play as a quadruped, such as Pikachu:

    As for a merman/maid, I don't know - it might work. How about a slug? Could be that non-humanoid avatars are easier to accept. Seeing a human face reflected back that is not your own might feel really weird. Reminds me of one of my favourite childhood TV shows - Quantum Leap. I suspect we're all going to have more than a few 'Oh Boy!' moments.

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  • That reminds me... We need to add Ziggy to our development roadmap...
  • Played a demo today where the hands stayed in front of me, with little to no motion, while I was walking through the environment. I thought they were very distracting. I would have rather not had anything obstruct my view.
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