I want to order one but...

Hello there, community.
As the tittle clearly indicates I did have a question or two before I make up my mind on weither or not should I purchase omni.

To start off I am aware that kinect was required in the early builds of omni and I was curious as to weither or not is it still needed?

If I place pre-order what actually am I buying? A dev version of omni? Should I be expecting it to have faults and what not? Or is this a final product that is guaranteed to work flawlessly?

Are the photos of omni in the purchase page the same as the final design will look like?

If I am ordering from europe (clearly that adds VAT to the price) would I have to pay import tax of some sort or would it be shiped from within europe?

How sturdy is the unit? Are there any chances that I would break it if I used it while not all that sober?

Sorry if some of the questions have already been answered in some previous threads.


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    , I am from the UK and I too would like to know about Import tax.

    I'm pretty sure I didn't pay import tax for the oculus rift if that information is any use to you.

    also I think those shipping rates on the page do NOT include VAT, just a word of warning.
  • @overload1‌

    No kinect is no longer required, it has been replaced by 'pods' (included in purchase) which attach onto the shoes and provide a much quicker and more accurate response.

    With a pre-order you are buying the complete consumer version of the Omni and should work out of the box.

    Yes, the photos on the pre-order page are representative of the final design. No more (significant) changes can be made to the core unit.

    The Omni is designed to be sturdy, there should be little chance of damaging it thanks to the lack of any moving parts and the whole thing is designed with stability in mind. I'd be much more worried about using a HMD (like the Oculus) while not all that sober than the Omni.

    As for exact shipping details I'm not sure, I reckon a substantial portion of their pre-orders must be from Europe so a European distribution centre might make sense.
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