Impressions of final version and some questions

This thread is primarily my reaction and thoughts to the final design reveal, with a couple questions.

Loving the final design, looks like a very polished product compared to the earlier versions. I must admit as a backer I have forgotten about the Omni while waiting for it for so long. Well I perhaps haven't entirely forgotten, as I have kept an empty place for it in my living room near my PC this whole time. I'm still very pleased with myself for having backed it early, especially since doing so has saved me so much money. The final price is what, $300 more expensive? Can't say I hoped the final version would even be capable of jumping and crouching, and certainly not sitting, when I first backed, so its all gravy.

1. When are we going to get the dimensions on this thing? I noticed on the preorder page, the option is given for "small, medium, or large" harness size, but how are we to know what exactly these sizes are? Not that I was trying to preorder another one, I was just looking at the options.
2. The letter mentioned a 'cable boom' which would be revealed next month. Does that come with the Omni for Kickstarter backers, or is that a separate purchasable add-on?
3. Has anyone here tried the final version? If so what are you impressions of it, and how comfortable was sitting? If I wanted to use this for Star Citizen for example, I would have to be able to sit while flying my ship. Can you imagine "sitting" for thirty minutes or more in this thing?

Only trouble in my mind is that I only have an Oculus dev kit 1.0, which isn't exactly doing it for me. I never put it to much use since it feels so strange and sickness inducing thanks to the lag. So it looks like I will get my Omni delivered before the final consumer version of the Oculus arrives.


  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Concerning the harness size, you can get this info on the "Learn more" section of the shop:

    The Omni Harness comes in three sizes:
    • Small: Waist Size 24″-30″
    • Medium: Waist Size 31″-37″
    • Large: Waist Size 38″-44″
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Hi @abstract-andrew I did try sitting briefly and the comfort level has gone up quite a bit. The harness has better padding than before. Unfortunately I was too busy shooting targets to try sitting for 30 minutes!
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  • uum guys. You forgot that the rest of the world dont measure in american. what's that in meters?

  • ExczeExcze Posts: 16
    Converting it is not that hard.
    Google the factor, multiply it with numbers given above, done.
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    I will echo what @sutekiB‌ said, the new harness is a lot more comfortable. I actually did sit in in for an extended amount of time after some rigorous demoing, and although not as comfortable as a chair, I actually almost fell asleep while sitting in it.
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
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    @Omni_Dev_Cameron‌ : "I actually almost fell asleep while sitting in it."

    That is good news for @OculusRiftRocks‌, who feared the Omni will not fit in his room:
    Now he knows he can just replace his bed with it ! ;p
  • aha yes clearly that is the way to go.
  • Haha I feel like I should go on record and say that I don't recommend replacing your bed with the Omni. But If you do, let me know how that works out.
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Guys, I threw out my bed ages ago. I'm sleeping in a hammock! It's very comfortable in fact, and leaves plenty of room for the Omni. You don't even need to drill into your walls - just install an A-frame and hang it from there (actually I use two, and sleep sideways across them). Also useful for suspending other stuff (Rift cable, controllers) until we get the boom and rack accessories. Could I be starting a trend here? Should I make an instructional video on how to arrange the pillows? :)
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