Consumer Omni to be revealed at CES 2015, will support Gear VR



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    It's detachable, yes.
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  • Wow thanks, that's awesome, oddly enough in the pictures I have seen it doesn't look detachable, at least from the top.

    I am soo happy this can be done, it really helps lessen the footprint.
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    At CES, the live demos showed a support arm above the Omni TRAVR for the cables of the Oculus Rift. Are we getting this support arm in the bundle purchase, or how did Omni make this since it would probably be needed by the user? VIDEO:
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    Don't know anything about the boom sorry, but it seems we'll find out more next month.
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  • @ben "commercial"? what, so the current one isn't? =D

    also if you want to be shot at in TF2, I'll volunteer. I'll introduce you to my Professional Killstreak Strange Machina =)

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    how do you track a gun with Gear ?

    i think it is still time for Virtuix to provide a standalone 6Dof tracker to put in anything you want to use as a weapon.
    The EDTracker project is nice and cost almost nothing, all the work is done so they could possibly include one with the omni.
    There even is a wireless version.
    I mean, 99% of the omni demo are FPS game with oculus, and suddenly the device will come without this essential part.
    So most of users will be disappointed with a the feeling the device is half-baked (while it is not).
    I already see the reviews with title like "Omni is great...if you can make it work !"
    or at least they could give a coupon for a Deltasix rebate (10%), that's a way to say, hey we know that
    you need something to play your game and we do not provide it, but at least we show that we care.
    (better than the usual "no battery included" message.

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    The Note 4 Gear VR can connect with Bluetooth devices including Sixense STEM, which developers are using to add positional tracking to their content.
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  • The steel frame for the footplate is an integral part of the overall base structure. You won't be able to remove it.
  • BTW guys, CES as in Consumer Electronics expo? Did I miss it =(

    I hear the Asian one is in Shanghai later on May. Will Omni be there too? Might wanna start on them money-saving stuff right bout now...

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    Yes, it's held every January in Las Vegas. Virtuix had an awesome booth in the gaming section.

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  • drat missed it T_T

    How about CES Asia? the one in Shanghai this May?

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    @Wolvenworks Virtuix won't be attending the May CES event in Shanghai, sorry.
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  • @sutekiB shucks looks like I'll have to wait longer for a try. When will be the next "tryout" and when?

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    @Wolvenworks The next one I know of will be at GDC in San Francisco next month. I started a thread for that here: omni-will-be-at-gdc-2015
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