JUUST remembered. How screwed are you if you have a laptop and you want the omni?


  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Why would that be a problem ?

    The only question is if it is able to ender the image for the HMD you use... and if you have at least one free USB....

    The Omni is just a big game controller, it doesn't require much...
  • Yeah, there's nothing wrong with using the Omni with a laptop, as long as the laptop is beefy enough to play the games you want to play.
  • ROG. Should be no problem for most games, not counting the recent AAA ones and Firefall (by the sheeps that one has high demand). just got me thinking for a sec there!

    I should save up for an Oculus first. figures that will need some time to get used to

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