Using CronusMax for console support

Devs, VR enthusiasts, and all,

Do you think (or devs- have you tested?) using a CronusMax will sufficiently allow the Virtuix Omni to interact with consoles? Having read everything I possibly can about both hardware sets, I see no reason why not, but I would like to hear opinions of those closer to the system, if possible. Thanks!


  • It is certainly possible. However, the big question is... Will the consoles handle VR? In the case of Sony, I think we will know the answer very soon. Microsoft? Don't know yet. Getting the Omni to work with consoles won't be very difficult at all. And, if the consoles support VR experiences, we will be right there with them.
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    I think there will be VR experiences available on the current gen consoles. We know there are devs working on them. Will they be AAA titles? Not sure, but the next gen should have the power needed for VR, so if the Omni can be made to work with something like CronusMax (or just plug and play) that will be awesome!
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