Sell an omni plate

do you think you would sell an 'omni plate', which would just be the surface part of the omni base say 1cm thick, then people could append them to a DIY base of their own custom size.


  • Hmmm.... Wouldn't that just be the WizDish?

    I don't foresee that we will be selling the base separately. It would be difficult to do anything on the DIY side with the base either. The base is custom made for our steel frame infrastructure. Replicating the steel frame would not be a typical DIY sort of thing, unless you are a very talented welder.
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    I was more referring to a toper of sorts, like how people build DIY omnis out of wood, usually they carpet the top and use carpet sliders, but if they could replace the top wood with the same slippery surface you use then that would be great.

    I'm guessing it would not be to dissimilar to the omni prototype in this picture.

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    Sounds a bit like asking Microsoft to sell the Xbox without its case because "Hey, I can make my own out of cardboard !"
    It's not very fair to ask this kind of things to a company trying to sell their product.

    But I guess the main problem would be related to security.
    In most countries in the world, a company is not allowed to sell products that could get people to hurt themselves.
    And, if in any way, someone gets hurt using the product in a somewhat "normal" way, the company can be held responsible.
    Selling only the base, or parts of it would be a legal problem, for people will probably produce some "nonsafe" devices out of it...
    We could say that about any piece of wood or other, but a piece of wood is not "sold for" building an Omni: the Omni panels would be.
    I think I read an announcement from Virtuix that the "DIY" Kickstarter pledges would be turned into regular pledges for this reason.

    If you are just searching for low-friction materials, you can have a look at Teflon sheets, for example

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