Omni will be at GDC 2015

If anyone's headed to GDC next month, be sure to drop by the booth and say hi. The team will be in the south hall of the main expo, at the Moscone Center, San Francisco. Details of the event are here:

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  • I can't wait for GDC!! I was thinking about not going but once i saw the reviews on cresent bay combined with the opportunity of trying out the final omni months before recieving my own I knew i had to go. Do you know if there is sn appointment sheet to try it out or is it just walk up and give it a go?
  • $2k ticket for all-access pass? that's....Rp 25.5 million O_O

    Dude that's a shame but looks like I won't be able to attend !

    I really wanted to look at Omni. And that Valve booth. It's next to Unity. I want to come ;_;

  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    @Wolvenworks For all-access yes, but the expo pass can be had for $250, and students can get in on the Friday for $75.
    @psoihluis I don't know but perhaps they'll have a 'backer get together' at the end of a particular day (to avoid having lines), and people would be given a time slot. That's the system that was tried at CES so look to see if they announce it again in the next update. You should also check out Crytek's booth. Apparently they'll be showing some VR content:
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • @sutekiB $250 is a more manageable number, but I can't even pay for the plane ticket! Must've cost a hefty amount if I were to fly from Jakarta!

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