Homemade omni made while waiting consum release

Hi all!, I only want to share my homemade virtuix omni treadmill while we wait for the consum release or the first kits shipment. The video is in spanish(sorry about that), and also in the video I show a previus version with no harness, but soon, in september (I'm waiting to return to spain because i'm on ireland working this summer) i will show the new version with harness, more comfortable. If you want to know it recognizes stay, walk, run and jump (and with the harness you can sit, but it doesn't recognizes anything), and all that only with a wiimote on the pocket, i'm also trying to use kinect, but I can't get it working properly when turning.
Well here is my treadmill:
Hope you like it, any suggestions or comments accepted of course ;)


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    Cool proto @RescueGamer‌! I wasn't able to follow in Spanish. What was the HMD you were using? My it's so large :0
  • The hmd was a homemade one too, with a lcd screen, 5x aspheric lens and using my android phone for emulating mouse with the sensors (via freepie), it worked better than expected with tridef3D. I have another video explaining how to build the hmd ;)
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    Mother of Mods! That's impressive :o
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  • Rescue - I'm thinking of doing something similar. What material are you using for the base?
  • I'm using a kind of wood covered with plastic so that way is very low friction if it's cleaned and you use something like wool in your foots, i have to move to another house in the next weeks, but i will try to show new things in first days of september ;)
  • Cool could you explain how you did the tracking with the wiimote. I want to make one but I cant find answers any where!!
  • Hi all!!
    Here you have my new video showing a few improves on my home made omni and playing Alien Isolation, hope you like it ;9

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    Nice improvements! Alien Isolation looks terrifying.
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    Another update. This time with Far Cry 3 and using the sitting function when driving vehicles!

    I'm planning to get the omni sensors in the future to replace the wiimote I'm using.
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    Impressive work !

    However, I am not sure if the Omni sensors can work without the Omni base...
  • What I know is that with the actual model the omni base is not connected to anything, the only conecction is between the sensors and the pc. But anyway would be appreciate if someone that know this for sure come here and tell us how it work now
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    I think (but still not sure) that you are mistaken, here.

    From @Dev_Guy_Robert, few month ago :
    Yep - the power provides a means for charging the pods, and also to power the electronics that collect information from the pods and transmits meaningful data to the computer via USB or mobile device via Bluetooth. This is all housed in a box molded into the Omni base, right where the big power button is located.
    So, if I get it right, the Omni pods do not directly communicate with the computer, but to a control board in the Omni base, that treat the data before sending it.
    Perhaps there will be a way of getting this board alone, but it was never mentioned...
  • Thanks for the info. When the release is closer I will ask for this
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    FINALLY a DIY omni with a realistic support structre! Nice job!

    all the others i have seen just look like death traps.
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    Another excellent video @RescueGamer!

    As @Jorgen pointed out, the PODs communicate with a control board in the Omni's base, so you wouldn't be able to use them with a DIY Omni like this sadly. However, it's worth remembering that there are a number of advantages the consumer Omni will have over a DIY version. A few examples include durability, comfort of the harness, and the ease of adjusting the height of the support. @Rescuegamer is getting a lot of practice in though, and I expect to see his name up there on the leader-boards!
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    RescueGamer, these videos are amazing. I've been following a lot of the DIY stuff while waiting for mine,and I haven't seen someone nail the sitting down, as well as the rotation, as well as you have. Do you have any making of videos or plans for the one you built? I'd love to replicate that so I can focus on some Kinect arm tracking, as well as some of the scenarios I'd like to explore. This would kickstart my development while waiting for an Omni (which I fear I wont see till December at this point, if then)
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