Just finished reading Ready Player One.

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I just finished reading Ready Player One and really enjoyed it. Has anyone else read this?

It wasn't a perfect book, but it really opened up my mind to the possibilities of VR. Also being an 80's kid, the many references to that era were particularly enjoyable.


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    I really enjoyed Ready Player One. Super fun book.

    I would suggest Daniel Suarez's Daemon and the sequel Freedom. There not quite as kid friendly as Ready Player One but there not dark and there both phenomenal reads. Not so much VR, more AR but still sill in the same realm as RPO.
  • @xxann5 Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions. I just read the description on Amazon, sounds fantastic.
  • Have you checked out Neuromancer by William Gibson or Richard K. Morgans Altered Carbon? Two very interesting takes on VR.
  • Thanks @gleamingsands Looks like I'll have to add those to my reading list too!
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    I haven't read it yet but I ordered it recently and it's on its way right now. RPO seems to be THE VR book that people mention when citing inspiration so I'm really excited to finally be reading it. I also plan to listen to Wil Wheaton's audio rendition of it when I'm through with the book; It's around 16 hrs long though. Right now, me (and others) are playing the waiting game for the Omni and CV1 so I need something to keep my mind occupied to endure the anticipation and I think RPO would be a great read just to prepare gamers for the vision and appreciation of what VR hopefully will be for us when we enter VR early next year. :)
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    Wil Wheaton audio book for RPO?! how did i miss that!?
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    I'm pretty sure I found out about him when I was reading the RPO wiki page some time ago. If you're a Wil Wheaton fan (I know some aren't because of his appearance on TNG; I'm okay with him bty) then apparently, according to the overwhelming positive reviews, he did a great job narrating.
  • The book is written from the main character's perspective, so I can definitely imagine Wil Wheaton doing a great job voicing that character.
  • Have some free time right now so I just started reading RPO -- I'm loving it so far. I can see why so many VR enthusiasts recommend it! B)
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