First Game(s) You're Going To Try With The Omni?

The title says it all. Here's mine:

1. Fallout New Vegas with mods -- Favorite game of all time. I love to explore and be in that world.
2. Mass Effect 1/2/3 -- Probably going to be somewhat awkward but I'll adapt.
3. Pok'emon 3D -- Laugh if you want, I don't care!
4. Skyrim -- It's freaking Skyrim. 'Nuff said.
5. COD -- Fast-paced mindless fun.


  • Oops... Forgot about TRAVR o:)
  • 6. GTA 5 -- Can't believe I forgot this one as well. Arguably THE game for VR because there's just so many different gameplay modes: Flight, Driving, FPS, Marine, etc..
    7. CS:GO -- Perfect for quick pick-up and play. If I have only 30 min for video game, this is my go-to.
    8. Half-Life 2 -- Played 1 and thought it was just... ok. Want to give 2 a shot because of the love/passion people have for this series. (Half-Life 3 Confirmed--jk.)
    9. Arma 3 -- Like GTA 5, a VR playground. Diverse gameplay dynamics and by far the most realistic game on this list.
    10. Mirror's Edge -- Will I regret this? Maybe. Will I try? Hell yes.
  • I haven't played Pokemon since Pokemon Blue, but I'm with you on playing Pokemon 3D on the Omni.
  • Everytime I watch that Pokemon video I get an intense feeling of nostalgia and excitement. I think it's the idea of seeing that world and experiencing that world in a completely new, immersive way that has me all hyped.
  • I will probably play the TRAVR first since it's already programmed for VR but after that I will try to figure out how to get Skyrim up and running then work on Fallout 4.
  • @travis1409. For most people TRAVR is going to be their first and will act as an beginner Omni training simulator essentially before they experiment with other games. I wanted to mess around with New Vegas with all of its mods first before moving to Fallout 4; I'm really looking forward to it as I'm sure you are.
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    Not including the games that come with the Omni. I am sure i will try those first. It will be....
    1. Half-Life2
    2. FarCry3
    3. Fallout 4
  • Oh god, Far Cry Primal will definitely be on my list of must play on the Omni
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    O I forgot about Far Cry Primal. I am hoping they sneak in VR support, even if its just an unofficial manually configured feature like with Alien Isolation. O! That's another one I want to play. Alien Isolation.

    OK revised list (again omitting the TRAVR games witch I'm sure I will try first to get my bearings with the Omni)
    1. Half-Life 2
    2. FarCry 3
    3. Alian Isolation
    4. Fallout 4
  • @xxann5. I thought about Alien Isolation but I didn't want to soil my pants.
  • 11. Crysis Series -- I'm surprised no mentioned this yet -- if your PC can run it at a high FPS that is; mine sure as hell can't yet :(
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    @Sponge101 Just be like me and "Man Up!"
  • Speaking of horror games, I challenge anyone to try Outlast. There's not enough Depend on Earth for that.
  • 12. Metal Gear Solid 5 -- I should be banned for not including this. The Metal Gear series is one of my favorites and while you have to use mod for the first person, the nostalgia alone is worth it.
  • I may be coming late to the party on some of these games (only found out about MechWarrior online on the weekend), but:

    Bioshock 2
    Bioshock infinite
    Mechwarrior Online
    System Shock 2 (coz it's an awesome game and I hope it works :wink: )
  • I'm seeing a theme here where on everyone's list there's a Bethesda game; since they are known as world builders it makes perfect sense with the Omni.
  • at least one, maybe more.. I would have included Fallout 4 on my list but I don't own it yet (just like Elite Dangerous - I want to wait until I have the rift before I get them)
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    I am one of the few people that did not find Skyrim all that fun. *ducks for cover*

    I just found it rather boring.
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    @kzintzi O man System Shock 2!!!! what an epic game! someone really needs to remake that!. I hear they are remaking system shock 1 but i think SS2 was much better.
  • @kzintzi. The games you list doesn't have to be currently owned games. Just list whatever is your dream/All-Star list of games that you really want to try with the Omni. Just have fun with it :)
    @xxann5. My initial impression of Skyrim was like that too but after speeding more time and researching that world (wiki page) I got deeper and deeper in that world. It's a slow-burn though. However, if you want you could use Skyrim as a place to jog through to get some exercise; I've heard it being done by the Virtuix team.

    We're getting a full blown squeal -- System Shock 3. Interestingly, the BioShock (has some original members of SS series) series is considered a spiritual successor which leads me to:

    13. Bioshock series -- I only played the first one but I remembered what a messed-up, weird world that was; I want to go back there but this time actually walking/HMDing (a word?) through those haunting corridors.
    14. Star Trek: Elite Force II -- Since we're bring back dated games, and since I'm a TNG fan, this one is pure nostalgia for me.
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    @Sponge101 I just found out about the System Shock 3 confirmation. HOLLY CRAP!!!

    There is also a survey asking some questions, including if your interested in VR support. Needless to say I filled it out.
  • It's cool that their asking for player's feedback but to be completely honest VR support will be added in the future anyways either through mods or 3rd-party software. It wouldn't be as good as official VR support ,however.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the developer choose to fund the game through crowdfunding and/or going with a publisher. I think Take-Two Interactive (owners of BioShock) would be very interested...
  • 15. Battlefield series -- Mindless fun like COD but with vehicle, jets, etc..

    16. Bulletstorm -- This one completely flew under my radar when it came out. Interested to see how it holds up.

    17. Batman series -- Have no idea how this will feel during combat and flying but I want to say "I'm Batman".

    18. Borderlands series -- First one was great but somewhat simplistic. Sequels should be better.

    Just noticed all of them starts with "B," complete coincidence. At this point my list is completely out of order.
  • @xxann5 System Shock and System Shock 2 were defining games for me. totally awesome, and I cried when Looking Glass closed up shop. Bioshock and the others were awesome but never quite captured the feel of System Shock and SS2. I think I've played System Shock 2 through over a dozen times and I love it each time.. it's very cool with all the graphic improvement mods so if you've not played it, you should

    @Sponge101 every time I get told to "just have fun with it" I end up in the principals office :wink: - but if we're going to do that then:

    Battlefield 2/3/4
    Mechwarrior online
    System Shock 2 (and when it comes out, 3 coz I just found out about it - thanks @xxann5 )
    Bioshock 1/2/Infinite
    Dishonored 1/2 (when it comes out)
    Fallout 4
    Tamriel online
    AvP: Colonial Marines
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