*sigh* I'm board....

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This waiting is killing me, not referring to the Omni specifically just VR in general. For the most part I try and tell people to be patient and that is coming(on this forum and reddit), but we are SSSOOOOO close to VR that does not suck and is actually affordable, it seems like the closer we get the more difficult it is to patiently wait. *sigh*

I am at the point where I am reading VR related subreddits faster than people are posting to them, which is fairly sure that that is a sign of unhealthy mental behavior :p , I am even having a hard time getting through standard Video games, I still haven't beaten Fallout 4, though I do have some pretty pimp towns built up.

What are you guys up to to pass the time?


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    Download unity! Make some VR worlds! It's really easy and free.
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    Or Unreal engine, I hear that's good too :)
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    lol, I thought about that, though I would have no way of doing anything with them, not in VR anyway.

    Maybe I will mess around with one one of them. See what I can do. Though I would have to use stock models and things, I don't have an artistic bone in my body, lol.
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    There are a lot of free models you can pull from many different sources. There is no difference between VR and what unity generates for a 2d monitor, it's just how you consume it that changes.
  • BTW, Unreal is good, but hard for new users. I'd stick with Unity unless you plan on going pro.
  • Right now I'm playing/experimenting with the PS Move on my PS3. Some games are sports related, some are on-rail FPS, regular FPS, third-person etc.. I'm also using the gun, vest, and headphones to see how much more immersive I feel while playing. So far I'm surprisingly having a lot of fun. It has some issues though: the decoupled shooting is far from perfect compared to the upcoming Vive and Touch controller. I'll share so of my experience once I use it more and get a better idea of its pros and cons.
  • Forgot to mention: Remember, boredom is a choice. I think I read that in a fortune cookie once. :D Hang in there, we're so close to the end.
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    LOL very deep @Sponge101
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