My order is still processing.

It's almost the end of December, and it still says that the order is processing. When I ordered the Omni, it said Q4, or Quarter 4. Will my Omni come? Any help is sincerely appreciated. Thanks!


  • By the way, the email I used to order is: [email protected]
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    The first Omni was delivered!. There are 50-ish more on a slow boat from china (this may be the first time I have ever said that and actually meant it lol) that will be delivered in January some time. After that they will start shipping the rest. No word on actual dates but they said once they know exact dates they will let use know when are individual Omni's will be ready. Its looking like we will get them right in line with when the first set of consumer HMD's will be coming out, which works out nicely.

  • Hi @hkarrson Welcome to the forum!
    We replied to your e-mail. Let us know if you have any more questions. We will relay a shipping and production schedule to everyone once it is available.
  • I asked Virtuix this some time ago and they said that the orders are still active. The date "Q4" is not an actual, firm commitment date when the Omni will be delivered to you; it's just an estimate of when they hoped they could deliver the Omni. Since then they have made upgrades to the Omni that has delayed the delivery date. However, seeing all the upgrades, it appears the extra time was worth it. Like XXann5 has said, once the rest of the Pathfinders (early units of the Omni; 50 in total) are delivered to customers in Jan. they will go into full rate production to produce the rest of the Omnis for the rest of us. My guess we can expect our Omnis in Q1 or Q2 of this year but I could be wrong though because Virtuix has a backlog of around, last I heard, 4,000 Omnis to produce and deliver. Hope that helps.
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    Thank you for the reply! So, I assume that they actually miscalculated then, and I'll be getting it in Q1 2016? That's perfectly fine if that's the case, it's just that it said Q4 2015 when I ordered, so I'm kind of confused.
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    Well the order shipping date is just a estimate and is due to change. So you have to wait for the final mail where it says the extact shipping date :)
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