Palmer: Content exclusive to Oculus store, NOT Rift/Gear/etc

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This is good info, but not great info. It looks like they're taking the Google route rather than the Apple route. This will be great for increased adoption of VR Devices allowing a wide variety of providers. Hopefully that in order to run on the oculus store, you don't have to support/license the Rift SDK. That would be sad. Better would be they go the Steam VR route where you don't have to run Steam OS (or whatever) just have to have the store.

I don't know though for sure, Palmer didn't seem to make it clear in the AMA.:

Can competing VR headsets run content from Oculus marketplace?
Currently, the only headsets that run content from the Oculus Store are Samsung's GearVR and the Rift. If and when other headsets come out in the future, and if and when the companies making those headsets allow us to support them, you might see wider support, but we have to focus on launching our own products right now.
Do you have any intention to open source the runtime/API of the consumer model, like you did for DK1?
Not right now.

If I had to bet, the "Allow US to support THEM" means just store. Be nice to get confirmation though.


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    I *REALLY* like having a single place/method to buy, install, play, manage saves.

    I cant remember that last time something made me as mad as when i bought FarCry 3 on Steam, started it and all it did was install and launch that uPlay BS. The only company I have given a pass to this on is Blizzard. This is mainly because.... well because there **** Blizzard. I dont like it, i would prefer if they would just sell there crap on Steam but there games are too good not to play.
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    We need cross platform cooperation because, as I hate to admit it, VR is a niche market right now so it needs all the support it can get. From the developers perspective they need to their games on as many platforms as possible to recoup their cost; exclusivity will be a challenge going forward.
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    @xxann5 Agreed, I like it too. But I think the biz model is pretty underwhelming because switching costs are so low (unlike what you find on Google Playstore for example). My guess is that Facebook just wants to be the one stop shop for VR so when they launch FacebookVR they will have a nice trojan horse for everyone.

    @Sponge101 Agreed. I'd say good news, but I think this is old news, I just missed it. To be fair, I think it was the Rift exclusivity of Oculus funded games that muddied the waters.
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    Ahhh.. here's the money quote from palmer:

    We do require Oculus SDK integration for everything in our store, funded or not. We can't rely on a (currently) lower-performance SDK that is controlled by a competitor, especially when they have shown that Oculus support is not a high priority - SteamVR support for DK2 is frequently broken, they are focusing on HTC's Vive, which makes sense.

    edit: so the question really is, do they require Oculus SDK support for third party HMDs if they want to support the Oculus store.

    I know it seems nitpicking, but for those of us developing VR content it's an important question.
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