I bought the omni when it was still going for $499, just wondering if anyone has any info?

Ok so I bought myself an omni when it was still going for $499 and was told that I'd get to receive an omni at that price come release and now I've heard that units have begun to ship, I'd just like to know if anyone in my position knows anything more?


  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Not me. they have made 50 or so of them for there path-finder trial run. They should be getting into peopls hands soon. Once Virtuaix gets some feedback and there are no huge issues that need to be resovled they will start making the rest of them to fulfil there pre-orders. They said they will let use know more exact dates whey they know.
  • TomekTomek Posts: 76
    I'm curious if I will get mine in May when it was estimated. I'm also curious why there are still no in depth reviews from the pathfinders!
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