I want to use this with the Omni.

This is pretty awesome use case with the Omni, I think it's a little shaky at the moment, but I think if they use the touchpads on the controllers more for things like fine tune position and scaling, it should work better.


  • Now they just use to make the environment multi-user and they really have something.
  • Similar idea, for Unity. Unity folks are probably building as well, though.

  • Creating virtual world within virtual world--what kind of Inception nonsense is this?! ;) This is perfect for artist and creative folks who find more enjoyment from creating video game than actually playing it. VR can be such a great way to introduce aspects of video game to people who would otherwise never even bother considering trying. Truely inspirational.
  • giroudfgiroudf Posts: 127
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    that is really what virtuix should target as demo.
    an empty world you can populate by building stuff from library, then you can walk in.
    sure there would be a great succes with architectural profession.
    a new high end version of minecraft.
    you can add voice control and simple hand tracking (just one hand with pointing finger to select things or point finger at.)
    then you could say add this, move that, i need a door here....and it would require a lot of walk
    really simple tasks that lead to huge things, like minecraft.
    that is really the future of VR
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    @giroudf Yeah, absolute. The idea of walking around a VR scene and placing assets really appeals to me. The 3rd video above is really telling. The software is amazing, but the guy is just pacing around his room in circles which almost looks claustrophobic in its limited scope.
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