How does Virtuix Prefer to Record HMD Gameplay?

Virtuix has excellent quality gameplay captures, there is no doubt about that. I really need some information on how best to do this myself,
as I'm planning to record gameplay extensively. Does Virtuix or associated staff have any input here? How about any other enthusiasts, what's been working for the first 50?
On another note, what's the most recent launch window? Lost track of that information a little while ago.


  • Also, has Virtuix experimented at all with green screens(more likely a blue chromakey) to superimpose an image of the gameplay behind a person on the Omni? I was debating on attempting this technique with my own recordings.
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    I am actually not a big fan of the green screen in-game overlay. Not sure why. But ether way looking foreword to the videos.
  • I know nothing about this but I did see a video that might be helpful.
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    The real problem is that this becomes incredibly uncomfortable to watch very quickly, which is why I'm seeking help in recording this software. I was really just hoping someone would point me to a previous forum post on this or another website though, have to learn to merge the footage. or figure out how some of these people get such perfect footage without any visible obscurment of the visual. Got my screen installed today so I'm really having to think about how best to do this.
  • @Wombatcave

    Sorry to have to summon you into this post, but you seem to have figured out the secret of how to properly record VR visuals into a screen rather than a dual perspective meant for the user. If you don't mind, could you tell me if this is something you're doing in post? If not, is it a specific recording protocol possibly limited to certain games? No word from anyone else on the topic. I have planned something very similar to what you're doing, so the feedback would truly be appreciated.
  • Have you tried directly emailing Virtuix to get any feedback?
  • That sounds like a plan. @sutekiB seems also to have a relative handle on it for Skyrim.
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