Cabela's Top Shot Rifle Paint Mod

Just wanted to show off my new Cabela's Rifle and the paint job I gave it last night. Looks sweet. What do you guys think?


  • RABIDRABID Posts: 198
    NICE! what kind of paint did you use and did you disassemble it first?
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Nice! I was thinking about doing a Black and green paint job on it to match The Omni :p I'm "cool" like that LOL
  • I chose to disassemble it. Taping the orange parts was easier than I thought it would be, used a sharp razor blade to get clean edges off of the the sides. I used Rustoleum Painters Advantage Primer + Paint, good stuff. The retical scope was more difficult, had to use a small paint brush and the cap rather than spray it.

    Simpler than I thought to get the trigger back together.

  • @xxann5 I really wish I'd thought of that.
  • giroudfgiroudf Posts: 127
    the good news is it looks the electronic board is very well documented with all the fine print on it.
  • This is definitely cool! Thanks for sharing!
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