Will omni recognize all motions in FPS games?

Will omni recognize all motions in FPS games like crouching, squatting or jumping?


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    Depends on which game you play! Ones optimized for the Omni will have a wider range of movements - the biggest feature is decoupled where you can look left, run forward and (with help of HTC Vive) shoot behind you! The headset will be able to track vertical movement so 'crouching' (on the omni this is more of a hunch or bend over) or jumping which works exactly as you'd expect. Also strafing is recognised which comes in handy!

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    That's the plan anyway. I think the devs are focused on just getting basic analog stick type motion down before they try implementing all that other stuff. I'm still pushing for them to include support for motions like kicking and stomping, which I think will be a lot more useful from a gaming perspective. Jumping is essential, but crouching I would actually rather be done through an in game button or some sort of motion to activate crouching and then deactivate when you repeated the motion, like spreading your feet apart in both directions. Otherwise games a game that required a lot of crouching could actually end up fairly uncomfortable.
  • This machine is awesome and will be the first too buy it from israel and show of to my friends
    i have one Q and a few Suggestions
    1.) how the gaming expirense will be on mmo games like: world of warcraft (don’t forget that only in israel we have About 2 mil ppl playing the game
    in the vids i saw you play only fps games.
    and my suggestion is that if you make it playable for mmo games
    you can make a weapon for each class
    like for warrior you can make a sword
    paladin hammer and on and on
    same thing as for the fps games
    and second
    for the shoes you can make Special strap with the thing that you have under you special shoes (sorry don’t now how they Called)
    for me i have ordered size of shoes so it’s most of the time a bit of problem for me
    (my shoes size 51 (-; )
    p.s: sorry for the bad english
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