Fair, Unbiased Rift vs. Vive Vid

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Wanted to share this vid for awhile but afraid of potential fanboyism. But for those who can get only one hmd and are on the fence, this comparison should be helpful:


  • I've seen this before, and they speak total truth. Bueno.
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    Yeah pretty much. If you want to buy now, get the Vive for the hand controllers. Once the Touch is out, it'll be time to re-evaluate. I would say that as a long term investment, the Vive may be a better proposition than one might think. Yes, when you do have full parity you will want a lighter headset, if not immediately, then at least soon. However, it's quite possible you could hang on to your gen-1 Vive (which I find to be quite comfortable, though I would love it to be lighter of course) until gen 2 arrives, which it inevitably will. At that point, you're going to want to upgrade anyway, whichever brand you went with, and there are a couple of things which might make upgrading cheaper than your initial investment:

    1) You might be able to keep the base stations and controllers, and just upgrade the headset.
    2) Newer base stations and controllers may be cheaper than the present ones.

    So I don't think it's a case of 'Vive is better now, but later I'll regret it because the Rift will have hand tracking too and still be lighter'. You're not going to have time to regret anything, as you'll soon be wanting to know which is better out of Vive gen 2 and Rift gen 2. That may matter more, if there is a greater delta between them than there is here. The position I maintain is that you really shouldn't go too far wrong with either purchase, but Rift owners currently have their hands tied, as well as not being able to move naturally. Both seem to be excellent, comparable devices, and I hope are equally well supported by developers.
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    They've always been honest and that's why they're a credible source imo. The main point of the video, I think, is to help those people who are having trouble deciding by giving them as much useful information as possible. But to sutekiB's point, we are the first generation of consumer vr and while there are many pressing problems (high cost, sickness, small audience, etc.) let's try to just enjoy it. We are the trailblazer, we're the guinea pigs who are spearheading vr to the masses. We will experience things that over 99% of humanity has not; let's be the pioneer.

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    While trolls will lie and exaggerate to provoke tribal antagonism between the two camps, the reality is that there is little difference between them. Now that Oculus are allowing their content (exclusive or otherwise) to be played on the Vive so long as it was purchased on their storefront, that should put less stress on the consumer. There is still a slight question over their advice to developers - I know one has claimed they were told to remove keyboard support and strafing for instance. However, market pressure is sure to even out any such inequalities. Oculus must be periodically revising their requirements of developers now that they are in competition with Valve. You can't have content on Steam that allows free-roaming and strafing with the keyboard (which can be emulated by the Omni to great affect) and the same/similar content on Home where you're locked into teleporting or limited forward/back movement with an Xbox controller. This is the beauty of competition - whatever your opposition does well, you must also do well. You have to be even more generous, fair, hard-working, innovative, co-operative, and clever in order to succeed, than you do if you have a monopoly.
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    Now I have both, I'd say the Rift is the better headset, but the Vive is currently the better ecosystem. With one exception in that the Rift trades fresnel rings for worse 'god rays', and some people find them distracting enough that they'd be better off with the Vive. But, once the Touch controllers come out, there won't be much between them... either will do us fine until Gen 2 arrives.
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    @edmg - I'm waiting for the touch controllers to come out and get properly run through their courses with games designed for the Vive. If I can legitimately get the same experience with the Oculus, I'll stick with the Oculus, which does seem more comfortable. But if it can't match up, then the reliability and versatility of the Vive seems like it's going to edge out, it just seems like Vive will have a much easier time simulating Oculus than the other way around, even with the touch and second camera, it just seems like the limitations of the optical based tracking are going to cause issues much more obvious to the user.

    One thing that does stick out the most is the gamepad design on the Touch vs the thumbpads on the Vive wands. I feel like Oculus, despite being the initiator of the VR headset race, is still stuck in the past when it comes to user interaction. Heck, they launched their headset alongside an XB1 controller, and they're keeping the analog sticks on the new touch controllers.
    I suppose some of that might be that Valve has a monopoly on the thumbpads from the steam controller. Either way, while I'm still not totally sold on the thumbpads themselves, they still seem indicative of the forward thinking that will be essential to making progress in VR interaction. Anymore, the thumbsticks seem archaic.
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    The Vive pads are pretty bad, to be honest. For weeks, I thought H3VR had a bug because it often wouldn't eject the magazine from my gun when I pressed the pad, and it wasn't until the developer pointed out that the controller doesn't recognize a touch if you press too close to the edge of the pad that I realized it was bad controller design instead.

    I've been playing driving games recently, and, with the Rift I can read gauges in Project Cars, and I don't feel sick when driving through towns in American Truck Simulator thanks to Oculus' better handling of low frame rates. The improvement was surprising, given how close the specs say the headsets should be.

    On the downside, I felt a bit queasy playing Skyrim in the Rift, but that may just be because I haven't played it in a couple of weeks. In theory, it should run better.
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    Again @edmg i am just not seeing these issues you are having. Both my Vive controler and Steam controller track pads track within a millimeter or two of the edge. In fact i have never even thought about it or checked, until now.
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    Maybe it's a quality control problem with the controllers that affects some of them differently. But I can definitely push the touchpad near the bottom, feel it click... and the PC doesn't register it. I have to remember to press higher up, or it doesn't work.
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