New Copycat?

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This one starts flat, then folds into the bowl-shape. Looks like a hybrid between the Omni, Kat, and Cyberith; I smell lawsuits incoming. (Skip to 1:03):

11.png 238.2K
12.png 239.6K


  • KijutsuKijutsu Posts: 85
    What the heck is wrong with the way that guy's walking??
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    The bowl isn't perfectly curve and there are angles and gaps where the plates meet which I think the sole of his shoe is hitting against; it's because of the folding mechanism. This goes against the concept of the Omni, which is a no moving parts device; benefits are development cost and maintenance.
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    Full View:

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    Neat it starts flat, then folds into the bowl-shape...... but why? Your not going to use it flat like that. So you quadrupled the cost, made it considerably more complicated and have more points of failure. Just to make it every so slightly easier to get into?

  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    Just speculating, but maybe it has to do with bypassing design patents. Or maybe it doubles as a flat or bowl-shape surface, depending on user preference. I don't see sensors either so it might be optically tracked = latency.
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