New update!

xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593

Lots of good stuff in this update! but what really excites me is...

Reload Studios is the first but not the only major studio working on Omni integration. So far, a total of seven studios are actively working with our SDK to provide native Omni gameplay support

That is truly outstanding news!


  • THET1KTHET1K Posts: 17
    Great to hear all this good news. It's hard to even imagine how hard and extensively the game industry is going to be impacted when the Omni goes into full production. An absolute revolution...
  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
  • I'm pretty excited. The OMNI is my dream toy, and with the Oculus Touch Controllers coming out soon, I'll be on the 7th layer of Nirvana in no time.<3
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