Patreon for Virtuix?--Good Idea?

I'm sure Jan thought about this already, but what about setting up a Patreon account for Virtuix to help develop the ecosystem and services that will be offered? For example, using the funds for prize money for official tournaments. Or help fund the development of new accessories or features of the existing hardware. However, there could be legal troubles...

Many will be fore or against this idea for a lot of reasons. Patrons will be the die-hard: those who despite all the waiting, want to help any way they can. If it's possible, would you?


  • I'm pretty sure that Virtuix already stands to be a profitable company once they get their shipping procedures down. The type of events you're looking at funding seem more like something that should be handled by a 3rd party who is hosting said tournament, and maybe Virtuix would then contribute some funds towards that if they wanted to give it an official blessing. If Virtuix has a new accessory or product, it would most likely be something that could still be run through kickstarter rather than Patreon, but the preferable option would be for Virtuix to be profitable enough to fund their own accessories without relying on further community handouts.
  • Interesting perspective. I knew this would be highly debatable but that seems to be the norm with crowdfunding.
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