I was bored.. So I math'd the Kickstarter Omni Backers.

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First and foremost this is not a post complaining about the shipping of the Omni. Just got bored and thought I'd see if I could estimate when I would get mine.

So to break it down the Kickstarter had numerous tiers and whatnot; the only tier I am confused about including is the 'Do it Yourself' tier. Where they send you the parts and you make it yourself. I do not think those are included in the Omni's everyone else is getting. Regardless they are listed in here as well.
94 Backers 'DIY Omn'i
These guys are building their Omnis; I really hope they already have theirs... But at the same time I've not seen any youtube videos so... Perhaps it was exchanged for a full Omni.
2033 Backers '1 Omni'
Get a full Omni at an incredible price. So this is the most straight number of Backers that will for sure be before anyone else.
48 Backers '2 Omnis'
Hoh-Lee-****. Why didn't I back this project? Seriously they are getting like two Omnis for the price of half of one or something. *cries softly*
15 Backers '4 Omnis'
**** son... i herd u liek omnis. No seriously these guys are getting 4.
'4 Backers 'I'm Filthy-****-Rich Edition!'
These guys are getting Omnis with one of them getting the honor of blowing our Lord and Savior himself; Jan. Praise him and his glorious Omni. I only wish I could be that lucky Backer.
Jan call me. I can't pay you loads of money but you can have my virgin anus, pls. You have all my info and email.
No but seriously thank you guys, you glorious rich bastards made it possible and lessoned the dent in Jans pocket for giving those early backers such a great price.

So yeah thats 2193 Kickstarter Omnis (2287 if you count the 'DIY' Omni) that need to be shipped before the rest of us get ours. The only real question that throws me off is whether or not the first Omni preorder started at 1 or 2194/2288. Theres also the question as to whether or not they are even going to ship all of those backers first. They are only shipping to the US right? There were only 1670 backers from the US. So the most ideal situation would be that they are only shipping US, regardless of kickstarter or not and that the preorder numbers start after the backers instead of over at 1. If not... well looks like I'll be enjoying my Omni around Q2 2017.

Any thoughts on my breakdown or perhaps someone with more knowledge then me? And remember, this isn't a post to whine and cry. They are doing their best and it will get here... Well those of you that are in the U.S.>_>;


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    I believe the pre-orders start over at 1, however new pre-orders are generated from updating earlier pre-orders/kickstarter pledges/etc. So if you're Kickstarter 146, you still need to generate an actual pre-order number, which might end up on the list as pre-order 1756, but then another year down the road you decide to change your shoe size or add the omni boom or rack to your order, and so now you're pre-order 7843.
    I believe the kickstarters will be prioritized regardless of what pre-order number they happen to be, but after that, the distribution will follow a mixture of "first come, first serve" and "what is most efficient to ship to which country/what countries have we managed to negotiate the shipping process for?" I recall that many places in Asia(and I think Australia, possibly many other countries) are still having their shipping methods negotiated so even if their number comes up in the pre-order queue, they may have to get pushed back until the negotiations are finalized, regardless of kickstarter status or not.

    Of course, as I keep mentioning to people, pre-order number doesn't necessarily equate to how many UNITS need to be shipped. there are several kickstarter backers who ordered multiple units, and I know of at LEAST 6 or 7 different companies/schools/dev teams that have pre-ordered dozens or even hundreds of units, all of which may end up on a single pre-order number. However most of those units were pre-ordered later in the game, when it was more clear that Virtuix had the capability of shipping and supporting the product properly, so that shouldn't play much of a role on early pre-orders at all, and by the time they do factor in, Virtuix should have already ramped up their production high enough to handle that.
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    Huh, thats interesting. I preordered Sept. 2014 maybe I lucked out. This is kind of why I wish they would just throw hard numbers out there. I don't mind waiting, its just the speculation and not knowing whether or not I have companies and schools ahead of me.
  • You ordered before the Oculus CV1 AND the HTC Vive came out, well before the open investor call, and before the pathfinder program even started, and if your pre-order slot is under 3000. I honestly didn't hear much about large quantity pre-orders until after these things kicked off, so whoever is in line ahead of you is almost certain to be individuals or small indie dev teams.
    I was actually in the 4000s for the pre-order range, so you obviously have at least a few kickstarters that show up behind you in the pre-order queue, but I doubt every single one came in behind you. Hopefully the majority of the guys in front of you are already kickstarters. At the very least you probably have about 500-1000 guys ahead of you after the kickstarters are taken care of, and I would estimate that around 3000 units would be the maximum number ahead of you in line. With ramping production up to 1000 units per month, Q1 seems almost certain, and I don't see any way that Q2 isn't a certainty.
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