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  • New videos coming soon. I've been doing non-VR titles for the last week, I have some real good juicy VR titles coming up!
  • Another great video! Edge of Nowhere looks fantastic. Something i'd want to play even if it weren't VR.
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    Phew! Its been a minute, but I'm back, and this time with Kismet VR. This fortune teller hangs more baubles in front of your eyes to blind you with self-deceit than your average Renaissance Fair dealer of false hope, and at the low price of 5.99, she's a steal, as she'll continue reading tarot cards to you until your computer blows up or you catch on fire!

  • Mmmm, another beautiful VR video containing the ultimate in sexy VR horror. This one was not optimized properly for VR, but still manage to spook me. Join me on the dance floor with the BOOGEYMAN!

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    That wasn't a fair fight! I think you should play it again when the Touch comes out, then bash that thing over the head with the flashlight.
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  • Another great video!

    I love horror games, but VR horror is way too real! I played Affected: the Manor and, though awesome, it nearly gave me a heart attack.
  • You aren't alone. I get through it by lambasting the game, making fun of mechanics, and trying to get myself killed as early as possible, but some games are too well put together. VR Horror experiences are so much more benign, you only have to lay back and watch the boogeyman or she thing or whatever peel your skin off, the games are intense because the events are affected by your choices.
  • Nothing like VR horror, and they make a BUNCH OF IT. Fortunately, Steam let's me buy all sorts of VR games for DIRT. Its amazing, and I promise to bring quality material every week based on how spry I'm feeling. And sometimes, I'll actually care about the material I post! YEAH!

  • Altspace VR is a hell of an experience. Foreigners, customer service reps, amazing games, falling off a map into the abyss. All good fun. But I learned something there too. You can accept people, whoever they are. It doesn't matter if they use the white robot, the black robot, the floating orange robot, or any color combination of the different models. But humans must burn. BURN.
  • Yes! Another FrazierDanger video! Great way to start the weekend. Thanks @gleamingsands
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    Better episodes coming next week; for now though, courage.
  • I bring you, at long last, the much awaited, BAZAAR VR! <3
    This game made me want to slam things.

  • Oh yeah baby, I've got it all wrapped up this time! Check out Technolust! This game is CRAZY! So much to experience. Join me on another VR Adventure, this time with a real VR flavor built into the Universe itself.

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    More VR Technolust Madness. I'm on vacation at the moment so if you think these videos feel a bit dry, moisten up baby, because you know you want me on your computer screen. Let the VR Arcade in Technolust soothe you baby.

  • Finally, I've given Palmer the respect he deserves by smack talking him for 15 minutes or close to. Very sexy. Palmer is definitely very "handy."

  • Did I mention I did THIS?!

    Also, where is @sutekiB. I need him in my life.
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    So when are you going to do Mike Inel's Adventure Time 3D Anime Game?
  • Its been a minute, but I finally brought you more HOT VR ACTION. If you watch this, you'll get them feels and chills. And @GreyAcumen, I'll be playing Adventure Time 3d Next, but first I have to get the guy who voiced Bender into my bedroom.

  • John DiMaggio also voiced Jake the Dog, so that reference is topical.
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    Here it is, my glorious descent into madness:

  • I've finally lived. The single most beautiful thing I've ever experienced in my life. VR has such promise, Virtuix will make VR great and bring it to the world.



    Tell me a bit about it. Are you watching? Do you love it, hate it, or just don't care and don't click. Do you even click on the lounge options anymore? Are people even active on this forum? From here on out, it's balls to the virtual wall.
  • While I wait with breath tightly held, here's some more dank vids bro. Enjoy. </3

  • I find your videos entertaining and offensive, Dichotomy for sure! lol
    What software and equipment mix are you using to produce those?
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  • First, Omni Backer #40? Holy man, that's getting in early. Wish I'd gotten in at the time, didn't have enough money. Second, my equipment includes a:

    Logitech C920
    Behringer C-1 Dynamic Microphone
    Behringer 1202fx Powered Mixer
    Table Mount Boom Arm
    Pop Filter
    Ceiling Mount Surround Green Screen(Very expensive, poorly executed)

    Bandicam for Recording Gamplay Video
    A Separate instance of Bandicam for Separate Webcam Capture(Webcam Capture is important to keep separate for optimal editing)
    Sony Vegas 13(Expensive, I recommend using free alternatives.)
    And finally audacity for mic audio compression and noise reduction.

    Does that help answer your questions?

  • In a rare and excessive display of Christmas Cheer, I'm going to break a rule and make a Christmas Exception!


  • I'm getting more offensive. Don't blame the FrazierDanger. Arizona Sunshine brought it out in me. All that sun.

    And the Muscle Girls. <3

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    I'm getting more offensive. Don't blame the FrazierDanger. Arizona Sunshine brought it out in me. All that sun.

    that game had such potential then they went and only gave you teleport function and not locomotion function like in ONWARD or SpellFighter...disappointing :/
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