Can someone let me know if this works with the Omni Doom 3 Vive mod


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    there has been no mention of it directly supporting the Omni, however if the game still supports keyboard input then yet it can work with the Omni.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    O damn i did not know they had it working with tracked controllers!

    I just thought you where referring to using it with Vorpx.

    If no one adds direct support for the omni with that mod i may try my hand at it.
  • sweet ty this is one I am most looking forward to
  • I hate how people take cutscenes and automatically just tell you to skip them or something. It should be obvious that the solution is to use tunnelvision type effect to black out the area surrounding where the cutscene camera would normally be aimed at, and use a hard springlook effect to keep the player's main orientation angled on the camera, but allow them to move their head and change the angle so that it's like watching a 3D movie(w/headtracking) This can easily be attached to any effect that adjust the camera position outside of the player's input.
  • That's what he did in version 8 ,been playing for about 15hrs it's the best vr contact I've played hands would think it was developed for it. And it still has keyboard and controller support so I think omni would work.
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    sutekiB said:
    this look sick can't wait for my Omni!!! Hey can you provide us with some information about what rifle you are using and steps taken to modify it so it works with the vive control? I currently use this one and it works GREAT but I'd like a cleaner rifle feel/look for games like this. I have 3 custom's I've built with stocks and frames but I don't like them as much as the photo below it's comfortable. I'd like to know about yours in that video. Would love to mod one for myself.

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