So my wonderful girlfriend surprised me with a Virzoom V.R bike, after I get it set up I'll post pics and review........for anyone who might care lol


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    Nice.I am interested in how sturdy it is.
  • It's actually really sturdy. I'm 250 and it felt solid easy folding design, doesn't have any kind of analog though which is weird but so far pretty awsome.
  • Ok so this is a really good contraption for what it's built for exercising in V.R. as it sits the price is a bit steep for what your getting. The construction is solid and easily assembled. Depending on how accurate the emulation is for other games will base my final opinion.
  • How does it control the game?
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    I'm interested in making something similar - I have access to an old exercise bike, and a cross trainer which I'm going to mod. I figure I can use a magnetic sensor which will trigger a controller input on a USB board, and rig up some sort of left/right control with the same, or at the worst, a old flight yoke mounted on the bike/xc in the appropriate position. Then I'll whip up a Unity VR "route" to travel along for testing.
  • You lean left or right to control. I find it much easier and responsive to bend more at the next k then full body.
    I'll post pics and video soon
  • This device was very tempting and I came close to purchasing. However, I realized that the games that they are currently shipping would not hold my interest for very long. I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences with legacy games.
  • I'm thinking gta 5 bicycle around Sanandreas...
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