Virtuix shoes need wheels for turning while walking/running

Hey, So I have the Omni set up and was disappointed to find that turning while walking/running was awful. BUT you will be happy to know I solved the issue by putting urethane wheels on. The wheels allow your gait to walk straight (rolling) and when you want to turn, they give you a little bit of grip that the virtuix shoes do not have. If your skates are too fast, maybe a layer of carpet or cardboard on the big bowl will help. These would be ideal if they were actually in production
Maybe these could be used for the toe side of the Virtuix shoes (not sure how much grip those wheels would allow)


  • oh hey, nice to see more East Coast guys with an omni. we might actually be able to meet up, maybe even get one of those local multiplayer omni arena things working.
    Anyway, before you commit to the wheels, you might want to keep practicing without a bit. Maybe expectations are different, or the pathfinder vs consumer models have some slightly different textures, but I found turning while walking and running to be fairly natural. It's possible I was compensating without realizing though.
  • hooray for east coast. I just played the omni arena game tonight but no one was on. I think if you consciously try and turn while walking you will see how much fumbling you are doing.

    I want to add that wheels that only roll in one direction would be ideal.
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    @pittsburghjoe Omni Arena doesn't have online multiplayer, it's LAN only.

    A pro-tip for turning: you don't have to do anything different with your feet (i.e. just walk forwards) - lean left or right and you will spin in that direction.
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  • yes leaning does cause a turn ..but seems to be only one degree per step.
  • This sounds to me like you're trying to turn with your feet alone, instead of using your waist like you would while walking normally.
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    You just need more practice @pittsburghjoe! As a seasoned Omni user I can do about 90 degrees per step B)
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  • @sutekiB Perhaps you should be doing some beginning walking and maneuvering videos for us?
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    @CheezWiz I made one already! :)

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  • What is this witchcraft!?
  • Do the bottom of your shoes have the white plastic bumps like mine?
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    @pittsburghjoe I do have white plastic bumps on my shoes, though you may not be able to see them in all of the videos. Remember, it says in the manual: "Do not attempt to modify the Omni Shoes in any way." Any damage resulting from unauthorised modifications is not covered by the warranty!
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  • Do you have three separate white plastic bumps? I'm not worried about warranty, I just want to be able to move around this thing like you do. I can now walk and turn after watching you, but I'm still baffled by your jogging.
  • You clearly don't have the round white bump under the heal.

    What do you have going on under there?!?! I want the same setup, I don't care if breaks my warranty.
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    Hmm, that's odd. Trick of the light maybe?
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  • That's weird. My omni shoes have a single black slider under the heel, and then 2 slider strips that fit under the ball of the foot going across, then a sort of soft foam under the toe. Are those sliders the bumps you're talking about? Mine are black instead of white, and I've noticed some minor wear from use, but I've done entire 180 turns before.
  • please tell me more about this soft foam under the toe. This is what I'm working with:
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    I see foam (rubber) on yours. Mine look the same,
  • yeah, the only difference in our shoes seems to be that those three white sliders of yours are black on my shoes. the foam I was talking about is the same as that half disc of form that you can see on the toe of your shoe. For me, that provides plenty of grip to allow proper turning. It's possible you aren't leaning enough, which helps when you pivot at the waist. It took me a couple different tries before I was able to walk properly, because I also wasn't really sure what height to set my support ring to.
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    I forgot there were variants in the colour of the shoe gliders. There are indeed black and white models.
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    The real question is when do I get my Omni and quit my job and then look for a new one when I realize what a terrible mistake it was to quit my job over a device with only limited game support. D:
  • The virtuix community will figure out a way to inject omni locomotion into most VR games. I already started by putting in a request to SteamVR
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