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Received and setup my Omni today - but cannot locate the TRAVR download link anywhere. Installed Omni connect fine. The manual suggested it would be available here:
But see nothing. Thanks in advance.


  • You should have received an email with the secret download link
  • I guess it does suggest that I will receive an email on that page. Nothing yet! If anyone has a different experience please let me know.
  • They sent me the link a couple days before I got the omni
  • it's a dropbox link from [email protected]
  • cleophuscleophus Posts: 3
    edited February 2017

    it's a dropbox link from [email protected]

    OK - I guess I wait. Thank you for the info.
  • adminadmin Posts: 169
    Hi Cleophus, please check your spam folder. We've noticed that some of our emails end up in people's spam. You should have received an email with a few download links and a link to our games page. Please PM me with your email address otherwise, and I will re-send. Thank you!
  • adminadmin Posts: 169
    Actually, we don't mind sharing the link on this forum. You can download our games here:
  • samisami Posts: 65
    if your using touch controllers , forget about omni games , they simply dont work.
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    @admin what are your plans to fix rift support for virtuix software?
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