Anyone getting PSVR?

PSVR is about to launch and the recent reviews are fairly positive. Will any of you be buying one? If so, what games are you getting?

I hope to get one in the future, but will be waiting for more games (maybe after RE7 releases).


  • Waiting for PS4 Scorpio to come out to make sure the VR gets a solid framerate
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    No, because I prefer/need the versatility of PC-based VR. What I am jealous of is the comfort of the PSVR is better than Rift and Vive. The screens are hanging in front of your face and there's no pressure against your face. Sony's ergonomics history is great for the most part.
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    @Sponge101 I also heard the PSVR HMD is far more comfortable than even the Rift. But I also will not be picking one up. At least not in the foreseeable future, as I have always been far more interested in PC gaming. Though I usually end up picking up a slim version of the consoles to play all the interesting games that I missed out on.
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    @xxann5. Sure, I agree content is everything. That what's great about PSVR--letting developers establish AAA games on console first before porting to higher end pc hardware. I'm willing to bet some of the exclusive games now will be ported after a year or less.
  • @Sponge101 - I wouldn't be so sure about that. Sony has been pretty much the ONLY company to manage holding on to 3rd party exclusives. Even Nintendo generally only keeps things exclusive when it involves their 1st party characters. Microsoft almost always at least releases on the PC, which is why I'd never bother with an XBox console.
    Obviously every VR developer is going to want as large of a pool as possible, and HMDs are a limited pool even tallying them all together, so most of them will be unlikely to agree to go permanently exclusive, HOWEVER because of the limited pool, Sony could go the heavyhanded route and just overcompensate. Because of the limited pool, Sony could just offer more money guaranteed, if the devs agree to be permanently exclusive, than what the devs could make even selling to the entire current VR pool. It's not easy to compete against selling to the entire PC gaming community, but against a mere fraction of it that VR HMDs have managed to penetrate?
    Also, if PSVR can deliver comparable performance WITH comfort, at a significantly lower price point than Vive/Oculus + PC to run it, it's basically a shoe in for anyone with an interest in VR. You'll get both the high end people, who will buy the PSVR just to have it to compare, and also the low end for people who just can't afford the PCVR route (but who don't want their VR being done through their phone via GearVR) That could result in a veritable explosion of VR adoption, provided Sony's supply can meet demand.
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    One reason I'm glad to see the PSVR come out is that Sony seem much less worried about 'OMG! Letting players move might make people sick!' in their VR games than PC developers have been. We need to kill the 'no movement but teleportation' fad dead, if we want VR games that work with the Omni.
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    I agree @edmg Sony is giving zero fucks about sim sickness.

    I think this will eventually not be an issue. I am dating myself but I remember when games like Doom came out and people where saying how sick it made them. People got used to it. I am willing to bet it a bit worse with VR but i bet people will get there VR legs, especially with the Omni coming out.
  • @xxann5 Agreed! My first FPS was Wolfenstein 3D and I remember thinking how strange it was to be moving through a game without seeing the character on-screen (I hadn't heard the term 'first-person' before then). I got used to it quickly and it became one of my favorite genres. My experience with VR has been very similar.
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    the real question is , will we be able to use the omni with the PSVR and PS4 ?
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    I actually have a PSVR still in its box. I can't wait to hook it up and try it out, but I've set myself the task of updating the CSGO legacy game guide first - the new version will include a section on how to host a server for multiplayer. It's nearly done, and I'm looking forward to having some online matches against my fellow Omni users!

    @giroudf I think so. Apparently the VirZOOM is compatible with PSVR, so I don't see why the Omni couldn't be as well. It might take a little while since the SDK still hasn't been officially released (a few developers have early versions of it). I would say that PSVR needs to be able to take advantage of 'PC peripherals' like the Omni, in order to port over games that have free-roaming. If you can play free-roaming games on PC, but not on console, there's a danger that console users would migrate over to PC. I mean, imagine if you could only play Skyrim in VR on PC?
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    Thread is a little old, but a friend of mine picked up a used PSVR AFTER playing vr at my house with the Omni. He was so blown away he wanted to get one himself, but Omni isn't for sale, and without a decent pc already the only cost effective way was a PSVR. I tried it out and have to say, it is REALLY good. Not quite as good as Oculus, or even the Vive for visuals, but really close. I was iompressed by how smooth it was, at 60 fps I was expecting a noticable lag, but it really is butter smooth, completely immersive. Only drawback is the single camera is limiting. However, since the Playstation has bluetooth connectivity, I do not see why it would be difficult to connect the Omni to it and emulate a controller. Hopefully Virtuix gets enough notoriety to grab Sony's attention, as my understanding is the PSVR has outsold Vive and Oculus. Time will tell I guess, damn you early adopter patience.
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    Since Microsoft just killed their VR Scorpio feature at E3, the PSVR would seem to be the only console option. I really wanted to get a Rift with Scorpio, but that may never happen.

    Although the Rift has come down in price, you are still looking at almost 1.5k for a Rift+(good)PC.

    Virtuix needs to step up their announcements about PSVR compatibility since it is the LEADING VR solution by sales counts.

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    I'm going to use the omni with my PSVR to play Farpoint. Right now I'm just walking in place and its decent. At least with the omni I can push the stick and pretend to actually walk which will be way better. I'll probably use the Omni 90% with PSVR seeing as PC gaming seems to be a huge pain in the ass and nobody is going to make any Omni games since its already dead.
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    I had a launch PSVR but sold it with my PS4 right before the PS4 Pro came out. I plan to repurchase the headset and a Pro console in a bundle at some point if available just for the exclusive games.
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    EVOL said:

    I had a launch PSVR but sold it with my PS4 right before the PS4 Pro came out. I plan to repurchase the headset and a Pro console in a bundle at some point if available just for the exclusive games.

    The new PSVR coming out in a couple of weeks has built in headphones and much better battery life on the move controllers. I play my PSVR a lot more than my Oculus because its so damn easy and the games are excellent. RIGS is overlooked and a wonderful game, Battlezone should have tournatments its that good. Resident Evil 7 is just amazing.
  • PSVR core is on sale this week for 199. .... Google it!!!
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    I've lost interest..
  • Sadly, I agree, but I Might get a psvr just to play with it. Like Joe, I will not be buying a Vive just to use the Omni. By the time I got it, I am sure virtuix will brick my unit in some other way. Disgusting.
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    I might buy a second Vive...
  • I suspect that the Vive will have another huge price drop in the next quarter. Considering what we are seeing from Windows headsets, Oculus go, Santa Cruz, and the new htc headset, there are too many new headsets on the horizon for this not to happen.
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    Yeah it will get a cut soon I'm sure. I'll probably just jump on this Black Friday sale and then a better deal comes out but whatever. I really could use the extra sensors, I currently have my sensors tracking a 25' x 13' area and that is really stretching their capabilities. Also my Vive is a launch model so I wouldn't mind the improved lighter version. Would be nice to setup two zones in this space so I could get better tracking for my Omni and Room-scale areas. I also got the Pimax 8k and 8k X coming whenever they're ready so I'll need more sensors until the Pimax ones ship.
  • How do you plan on driving the pimax 8k? I heard it 1080ti is barely enough power.
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    Nvidia Volta I suppose..
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