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  • @MAYAman the issue isn't in selling the Omni, sure they could be purchased by arcades, but the issue is in getting companies to properly support it in their titles. Why should they when the market is so tiny?
  • So I got the Omni controller icons to show up by using the "SteamVR Driver for Razer Hydra" that's also under the tools section of the Steam Library rather than using the betavr/steamvr_driver_hydra off GitHub. Unfortunately the mapping steps don't…
  • Yeah I checked everything a few times, I was thinking maybe it's because I did all this after the latest Steam VR updates in the last few days.
  • No luck for me, I don't get the additional 2 controller icons in Steam VR. That's after a system restart after everything as well as actively still running the FreePIE script. Is there maybe a missing step for installing the Sixense SDK? I see an i…
  • Fallout 4 VR is not natively supported. There is a free move option in the menus but it runs off the right D-pad on the Vive controller. I just had my Omni set as game controller and Fallout didn't seem to care. I'll try some other options and see i…
  • Which game are you playing? Only game I've gotten working with the Omni is Travr Training Ops. And thank you @pittsburghjoe there wasn't really an answer to the original question. Basically it doesn't seem like the game is using my foot position …
  • Awesome Brutus, it does say that on page 37 step D. Maybe I should finish reading that. Thanks for the reply!
  • I'm backer 1139, and my waybill number email arrived on Feb 24th, and my Omni arrived on March 3rd. It sucks if you're a backer number lower than me and you haven't seen it yet. Hope they get back to you and get your unit enroute to you soon! I just…
  • I'm backer 1139, and have been enjoying the Vive for a few months now, I was an early pre-order there too. I'm looking forward to taking up less space with having the Omni, and hope most of the current VR games will adapt to work with it. If they do…
  • Y'all are a bit earlier than I am, I had to check kickstarter to see that I was backer 1139. Until it shows up, I keep having to move my 2 cars out of the garage because there's not enough room anywhere else to setup room scale with the Vive.