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  • @Admino I received similar email. The Heroix VR wants to sell Omni at $6,399 each (not including shipping and handling).
  • Hi Admino, yes, Heroix is our joint venture that handles all our Asia business. Let us know if you have any questions. We do not seem to know the entirety of your operation. Which, and How many companies are involved in this "Joint Venture" ? Who'…
  • They are non-kickstarter. The demo was done by Chinese UNIS company who does a lot of Arcade development. The Japanese distributor for Omni Arena is going to be Kaga Amusement Co, Ltd. When I asked their representative, they said that there are add…
  • @Torerk: See In short, no you will not get your omni, yes you will be ref…
  • Considering that Hero Sports is into e-sports, having a personal Omni at home would mean significant competitive advantage. (nice videos)
  • I received another same email from Hero Sports regarding sales of Omni in Asia region. @Admino: I left you a message using the forum system. Apparently Hero can provide Omni to Japan at US$ 5,899 (excluding shipping and import duties), available…
  • @sutekiB Do you know of the circumstances behind why Asian backers received email from Hero Sports (subsidiaries of Hero Entertainment, but not the Hero Entertainment itself) two days after the refund announcement ?
  • sounds feasible but that math though... "one-player package is about $5000 USD while the 5-player package is over $40,000 USD" 1unit =5k so you could buy 5 for 25k yet they say the package cost 40k ... I feel like they are grasping at straws now. It…
  • We backed the project in USD, and we are getting refund in USD, no loss there. Paypal adds 2.5% to retail foreign exchange rate to make it equivalent to bank transactions when performing currency conversions. My guess is that if your Paypal Wallet i…
  • To be clear: Hero will distribute Omnis only in the commercial entertainment market in China, not the consumer market. Asian backers will receive a refund. Servicing and support is much better established for the commercial entertainment market, not…
  • @admin: Hero Sports says that they can ship omnis and provide after-supports in Asia. So you being a small company is not a constraint for Asian backers. Why refund ?
  • Well, their Chinese partner says that they can ship and provide support to entire Asia market. So as far as Asia is concerned, Virtuix's claim does not stand. Virtuix is currently processing my refunds (I emailed them to put my refunds on HOLD). I…
  • I received this email just 18 hours ago: Dear [redacted], As you may know, Hero Sports ( Subsidiary company of Hero Entertainment 英雄互娱) is the designated sole authorized distributor for Omni in Asia area. As a gaming & eSports company, our mi…