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  • If you want to shoot me a PM as well I'd love to know where you sold it and where they are selling. Thanks send me your steam profile , we will talk there better.
  • well said my friend , am too old myself , I have given up last week , cannot handle this frustration anymore , to the extend that I sold my Omni , let other people deal with this frustration . never backing up a VR thing anymore , let along , not go…
  • Be aware that most VR game developers right now, including toppers like Survios (Raw Data) and Vertigo (Arizona Sunshine), make the majority of their revenues from the commercial entertainment market, not the consumer VR market. The Omni happens to …
  • @solinfor12 Tengo pack completo, y vivo en España, en madrid, te enviaré mi número para contactar
  • we are like 10 people talking to each other in this forums , admin and mod are barely answering or talking to anymore. last omni update was pretty useless .. look there is a new center with 4 omnis and another with 2 and another with 1 ! oh wow ! do…
  • In development for 4 month .. lol @ that dedication towards Omni support
  • @NobleBrutus , highly doubt that virtuix has skilled programmers to do mods , ROBO RECALL has official mod support and has an SDK for modding and uses a basic UNREAL ENGINE 4 , people think of robo recall as the best VR game , very polished , yet vi…
    in Fallout 4 VR? Comment by sami June 2017
  • ARIZONA SUNSHINE from what I heard its going to get official support , did it yet ? virtuix emailed us about this 3 month ago.
  • probably not , and I doubt virtuix is gonna put any efforts in making these games compatible.
    in Fallout 4 VR? Comment by sami June 2017
  • only exciting game am about is Arizona Sunshine , not sure why you said possibily not happening ? I thought Virtuix send all backers an email confirming its coming !? Oh I think you misunderstood the formatting, "In process (to be confirmed): (po…
  • Thanks @DanteM for this great post and info sharing. Crisis Action , I have high doubts that this will be supported in our region or they will have any servers outside of china .. probably the game will only be in chinese and with LAN support only.…
  • they are not supported. buy an HTC vive , just like I did. they might be supported , then the touch controllers wont be supported , so your stuck walking not shooting anything.
  • Oh, good news! I'll help with the programming or testing if needed (I'm a backer and have my unit, as well as a developer). Regarding WASD, did you try trackpad emulation? Supposedly they support the trackpad. That might be more near native support…
  • @jgwinner , your cute buddy , you talk like you are the founder of wikipedia .. or like Virtuix omni is the only project on kickstarter. or as virtuix lawyer ? I dont know where you are from , but am guessing USA where business owners practice busin…
  • @jgwinner , its rubish what you are saying bro , if you really used the omni you would know that there is simply one PCB size of my palm that can be replaced , and am pretty sure any other thing can be replaced too , just like the pcb , probably the…
  • @JohnMarkus can you send it to me in a private message ? they removed your link.
  • You've had your refund and interest approximating the value of your investment. For a project that is selling our $400 invested unit at $6800 to others, 3% seems to be a tad low. where did you see 6800$ ? ill sell mine for less than that in a…
  • arzona sunshine is something am REALLY looking for ! Cannot wait for that !!
    in Robo Recall Comment by sami April 2017
  • @sutekiB , since 2013 , this project started , and we have 3 demo games half supported. ( no rift support ) , 2 announced from indie devs , not even triple A titles .. I dont know what virtuix is waiting for , am pretty sure its lack of skills.
    in Robo Recall Comment by sami April 2017
  • impressive , no official release yet , wonder why virtuix staff are not capable of doing this mod on release date. no skills ?
    in Robo Recall Comment by sami April 2017
  • @admin , @sutekiB , @DanteM , I was generously given keys of SS The fist encounter , SS The Second encounter , and SS Fusion 2017 Beta. By Croteam "AlenL" for testing purposes of compatibility between Croteam games and The virtuix omni , I can gladl…
  • Just got a reply from AlenL from : Croteam VR He Says: It should be simple to implement, but we don't have a device to do it. As far as I know, it is not available for open purchase, but only reserved for VR arcades. It is more likely that we will …
  • RABID congrats bro , they gonna support this game.
    in Quell 4D Comment by sami April 2017
  • Congratulations guys ! We did it ! our complains did not go for nothing ! this game will officially get omni SDK support ! I guess all omni users got me to thanks
  • just forget about using Rift with Omni , they are not complatible .. it should be obvious by now that Virtuix are HTC vive fanboys , their own games work only with HTC vive , I ran a 3 camera rift set up , until I got really fed up with how incompat…
  • Its so compliacted when you are quoting a quoted quote quote .. I tried to narrow it , but I guess I failed , thanks @sutekiB
  • They also have the gatlin gun that the Serious Sam videos show off :P only a retard would buy that for 700$ , does it spin when shooting ?
  • @DanteM look what i found...... Nice find mate ! Indeed ! , how hard could it be for virtuix to share this link ?? when we asked for it a thousand times ? so weird and dodgy from vi…
  • how hard can it be for the devs in virtuix to crete a mod ? making the omni officially supported ? everyone was waiting for 6 month for this game and everyone was talking about it , yet it comes out without official support or mods for omni , some t…
    in Robo Recall Comment by sami March 2017
  • Hey @admin I just talked to the Serious Sam: First Emcounter VR devs and this is what they said about implementing OMNI support.. it's Croteam, time for you to step in now and get that support rolling. A lot of these devs I've been talking to don't …